In today’s time in Bollywood, the whole insider-outsider debate has been re-ignited and is all most people are talking about. Speaking about it, actor Abhishek Banerjee spoke to Hindustan Times about it, saying he thinks being an outsider is sure difficult but is also a blessing in its own way.

Abhishek Banerjee, who is originally a casting director, has wowed us in his performances in films like Stree and garnered a lot of appreciation for playing Hathoda Tyagi in the web series, Paatal Lok.

Talking about his journey as an outsider in the industry, he tells the publication:

It is definitely a drawback but it is also a blessing. There is no pressure, my family name is not attached to me. Even the smallest of success becomes glory for me. Doing Stree and Dream Girl, they were glory moments for my family. Here, even if the son has a small achievement, the family is happy.

He says that when it comes to star kids, there is always the pressure to live upto expectations. He says the pressure for him would have been 200%, and he had to constantly do good and be super successful in films for his family name to shine, and for his family to be proud of him.

He also very interestingly tells the publication that he never came to the industry wanting to be a ‘hero’. So, when asked if he has ever lost roles to others, he says he never auditioned for lead roles. He says he always thinks of himself as an actor. Because there is no pressure in that sense, he says his heart will never break.