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Anand Ahuja celebrated his birthday yesterday and Sonam Kapoor left no stone unturned. The happy couple celebrated with an outdoor picnic in a quaint park in Notting Hill, London. The actress began Anand’s birthday countdown a week ago, had been posting videos of his favourite things on Instagram. She even had a special Instagram filter made, comprising his “favourite things in the world”—ice cream cones and a basketball. Several pictures revealed a beautiful outdoor setting with white balloons, some floor seating on a picnic sheet. The fluffy pillows and table decor really added to the vibe of the picnic. He’s definitely a lucky guy, I bet everyone out there is thinking the same thing. Scroll on to see what Sonam Kapoor wore to this picnic.

Sonam Kapoor looks radiant in her floral summer outerwear, perfect for the London summer.

Sonam Kapoor was spotted at a Notting Hill park in what I would call the perfect, summer jacket. The Pero jacket was pastel-toned with a scattered print of flowers. The colours of the flowers ranged from pinks to blues to yellows and featured light-blue, tiny pom-pom detailing. The lapel of the jacket had visible stitch lines for design sake, of course. She wore a basic white top on the inside and paired the look with matching palazzo trousers.

Sonam sported a look from Pero‘s Spring-Summer 2020 collection called Millefiori. The floral patterns are reminiscent of decorative designs on glassware. The term Millefiori is a combination of the Italian words mille meaning thousand and fiori meaning flowers. The collections illustrations were done in collaboration with Paris based artist Nathalie Lété to perpetuate an air of positivity and celebrate the joviality of fashion.

It looks like Sonam had on nude-toned suede shoes and she accessorised with silver mid-sized hoops. For her beauty, she kept it natural. She tucked some of her locks behind her ears and left her hair loose. Gorgeous natural brows, mascara lashes, flushed cheeks and nude lipstick finished out her look.

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