5 Trends That Became A Popular Choice During Lockdown

5 Trends That Became A Popular Choice During Lockdown

Rishika Devnani
Items That Replaced Upcoming Trends | (Source: Instagram | @missomalondon, @andotherstories)
Items That Replaced Upcoming Trends | (Source: Instagram | @missomalondon, @andotherstories)

As we approach the third quarter of the year, I look back and realise how Q1 and Q2 whizzed us by. With the pandemic playing a large role in the ongoing global changes, we see its fair share of impact on the fashion industry as well. There is no longer a need to doll up and step out for elaborate functions, parties or fancy dinners. As a result, the demand for brands and anticipated trending items saw a massive drop. The luxury of spending large amounts of money on stylish clothing is replaced by the need for groceries and home essentials. Moreover, we see a shift in the spending pattern as people spend more time at home and focus their resources on things that are a need in comparison to a want. Consequently, the predicted 2020 fashion trends took a backseat as the want for more comfortable, home appropriate attire arose.

However, let’s not be quick to dismiss the plethora of trends that made their way early this year. I am sure they will make a comeback very soon, as soon as people get comfortable with the new normal way of life. Meanwhile, the focus is on replacing the once-popular apparel with more home-friendly alternatives. We no longer want to lounge in pleated pants, puffed-sleeves, chunky shoes, and what even is the need for a branded handbag? The reluctance to get ready after being home for months is real. We want the process and style to be as simple as possible, yet good enough for the digital world and supermarket errands. Keeping that in mind, brands are moulding to the new norm of requirements and we see a revival of cosy, lounging sartorial trends.

1. Voluminous Dresses

The new fashion strategy this lockdown is to swap those fitted dresses for a roomier one. Perfect to beat the heat and cute to look at are these voluminous dresses have taken the place of more formal short suits. The fear of looking like a sack might prevent many of us from trying out this style outdoors. However, since being cooped up at home, I’d like it no other way. Fabricated from soft material such as cotton, they are comfortable to wear all day and suitable for the weather. Additionally, it is easy to add on a belt or accessories to style up for a virtual date or Zoom meeting. Say hello to the new wardrobe staple!

2. Chunky Rings

The need to lug around our belongings in a big bag is now redundant. Collecting dust in a corner, and with nowhere to flaunt them the interest in bag fashion has died down. In place of this, we see the surge in accessorising which is more visible on a video call or Instagram. Layering jewellery and big rings seem to be the rage. Mixing and matching different designs is lots of fun and can instantly spruce up your lazy at home look. Adding some extra bling has never done any harm!

3. Over-sized Shirts

A piece of clothing that matches everything, can be worn on its own and is formal enough to rock when the occasion calls for it is none other than the good old button-down shirt. A classic closet item, this is a go-to on the lazy days when we are out of options and zero efforts can be given. Pair it with your shorts, leggings or even pyjamas, it manages to look great. If you are someone who will steer clear of body-hugging tops and dresses post lockdown, give over-sized shirts a try. Furthermore, they are chicer than oversized hoodies and t-shirts. I think it’s safe to say we can embrace the button-down shirts for some time to come.

4. Flip-Flops or Sliders

Sure, sneakers are great, but there is no point in wearing them at home or ruining them in the rain. Cue in the trusty flip-flops. Some people consider them a major faux pas, but I cannot live without my sliders. You can slide them on and off in a few seconds in comparison to the lengthier process of putting on your kicks. Moreover, they come in cute designs and a with a comfortable sole as well. Succumbing to the comfort needs of the masses, sliders are more popular than ever. The variety of styles available by fashion houses such as Prada, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana is incredible. Additionally, with all the great options out there, flip-flops are chic enough to hit the grocery as they are easy to lounge in at home. For a more sophisticated option, check out ones with kitten heels.

5. Bra Tops

The bra top trend is nothing new, we saw its peak last year. However, due to its comfort factor and ability to keep us cool, it is here to stay for longer. The predicted trend for Spring-Summer were waistcoats, which would be interesting to see. Until this makes a comeback, bralettes are the favourite versatile choice to pair with anything and everything. They are the combination of chic and sexy, dress it down or dress it up it is entirely up to you. Adjustable to every occasion, it is the perfect closet pick for our days indoor. Rather than lounging in your bra, a bra top makes you feel more put together and the extra skin-show to beat the heat doesn’t hurt either!

Which of these fashion trends are you embracing during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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