Exclusive: ‘He Was A Winner, He built Himself Up’ — Dil Bechara Actor Sahil Vaid On Sushant Singh Rajput

Exclusive: ‘He Was A Winner, He built Himself Up’ — Dil Bechara Actor Sahil Vaid On Sushant Singh Rajput

Shubanka Sridhar

When one is working on a film, the actors and everyone involved grow very close because of how long they spend in each other’s company. Dil Bechara actor, Sahil Vaid a.k.a JP also created a memorable bond with his BFF in the film, Sushant Singh Rajput a.k.a Manny. But, on 14th June, in a sudden and absolutely unfortunate manner, Sushant left us all when he died of suicide — just a month before the release of the film.

The film released on 24th July and has been widely watched and appreciated by millions of Sushant’s fans worldwide. In an exclusive conversation with us, Sahil says that’s what this film is, and that’s what this time is for — to pay tribute to him and to celebrate Sushant’s journey.

Adding to it, he says:

He was a winner, we all agree with that. He came from nowhere. You remember that Russel Crow Oscar speech? ‘It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Just know that it’s possible.’ He was that speech. He was that speech personified. He would be there, and everybody — be it outsider or insider — would look at him and say, it’s possible. He built himself up like that.

If not for the lockdown, Sahil would have normally spent the time before the release promoting the film with Sushant. But, he says that he just spent everyday leading to the release of the film sitting and thinking back on scenes and realised what they mean to him now. In the film too, JP is left grieving Manny’s loss.

Talking about how there are such parallels that can be drawn between film and real life right now, he says:

In my head I am thinking, it’s almost as if Sushant knew. He knew this was going to happen. And look at the film, it’s almost as if JP is not talking to Manny, it’s like Sahil is talking to Sushant [in so many instances]. There is such a parallel that gets created. Yes, it’s spooky…I won’t lie. But I wouldn’t rather feel anything else, or be anywhere else. I am glad I got to do this film. It is my first with Sushant. We got to create a nice, sweet, little chemistry in the film. But I never thought it’ll be my last.

And, with talk of how nepotism in the industry was the main cause for Sushant’s death, Sahil says that he has, in his years in the industry, he has worked with Dharma Productions, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt — who have been the ones majorly accused of nepotism and favouritism in the industry. But he says he has never faced a situation where he has not been treated properly by anyone he has worked with.

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