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Suruchi Patwary , 03 Aug 2020
Anupria Goenka & Jennifer Aniston (Source: Instagram | @goenkaanupriya, @themorningshow)
Anupria Goenka & Jennifer Aniston (Source: Instagram | @goenkaanupriya, @themorningshow)

In this series, we bring to you your favourite celebrities’ current binge-watch list! So, if you’re looking for recommendations on what to watch next or want to know what genre your favourite celebrities are into and why they recommend it, these blogs will tell you just that. 

Anupria Goenka is another hidden gem of the Bollywood industry that we absolutely adore! She shot to fame in 2013 by playing a lesbian in India’s first-ever lesbian ad for Myntra. And then, it wasn’t long before we saw her shine bright in Bollywood in the movie Bobby Jasoos. She has been unstoppable since then and went on to do projects that ranked among the highest-grossing Indian films and series—Sacred Games, Criminal Justice, Asur, Tiger Zinda Hai, War, and Padmaavat!

Anupria Goenka (Source: Instagram | @goenkaanupriya)
Anupria Goenka (Source: Instagram | @goenkaanupriya)

And for an actor so talented and versatile, we wanted to know what inspires her, what kind of movies and series does she spend her days binge-watching. Anupria Goenka was kind enough to share her top 5 recommendations for everyone to watch which she mostly finished watching during the lockdown too! If you are looking for what to watch next, scroll down to check out the list and pick your type!

 1. The Morning Show

Where: Apple TV

It’s spearheaded by Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell. The Morning Show is amazing and it has dealt with a very sensitive issue like #MeToo in a very layered and defined way. It touches upon different emotions, perspectives and through the show, a lot of my personal queries were answered. This one’s such a complex topic and it’s very hard to understand what’s right, wrong, and what classifies as a #MeToo case. It has dealt with it in a very mature manner and gives a soulful take on it. This show will let you have your own perspective as it doesn’t preach anything.

2. I Know This Much Is True

Where: HBO

Mark Ruffalo, the lead actor has done a fantabulous job! It was almost like an acting class for me. I Know This Much Is True talks about a lot of complexities of life—it’s a very painful show to watch in some sense, lol, it made me feel blessed to have the life that I have right now. At the end of the show, in its beautiful way, despite it talking about such painful instances in this person’s life, it gives you hope, meaning, and a beautiful message. It’s a very well-rounded show.

3. Game Of Thrones

Where: Hotstar

The third show would be my all-time favourite Game Of Thrones. For those who haven’t seen it, it has eight seasons. This is the best time to catch it—it’s on Hotstar. It’s such a scintillating show, I mean it’s a cult series and it’s by far my favourite one. The actors shine! The characters are so complex and it’s mounted so well. Also, the cinematography is mind-blowing. I think many of the characters in the show are my personal favourites, I would love to play them someday if I get a chance! They’ve inspired me both as a person and as an actor. Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister are my favourite characters from the show. It’s a must-watch for anyone.

4. The Last Dance

Where: Netflix

My fourth pick would be this documentary titled, The Last Dance, which is on Netflix. It’s a sports documentary and I haven’t seen anything like it before. The way it chronicles the NBA and just the sheer dedication of a team, how they play with each other, and what it means—it’s beautiful! It follows the life of Michael Jordan and his entire team, The Bulls and it also talks about the other NBA teams. This show is really well transitioned, picturised and edited. I haven’t seen a sports documentary like this one before. It will take you through huge highs, it’s very inspiring. Please watch it!

5. Tiger King

Where: Netflix

Tiger King is a very bizarre documentary about this set of people, this entire community that I didn’t even know existed. We live in our own cocoons and our own world. It gave me the perspective that the world is huge and a variety of people live beyond our imagination. Human beings are so multi-faceted. What drives these people, their passions. They are big cat lovers and the documentary talks about compassion and internal animosities. At the same time, how the animals they love so much are suffering at their own hands. It talks about many human emotions—the good, the bad, and the evil. It’s just a very bizarre community at large. Do watch it!

Which one of these recommendations by Anupria Goenka do you plan to watch next? Let us know in the comments below!

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