Ananya Birla is a music sensation and a force to be reckoned with! She’s unapologetically herself and does not entertain trolls that come with her surname and that’s all the more a reason why she’s an inspiration to me and many! Apart from being an artist and a businesswoman, she’s also a mental health advocate. She’s currently quarantining in L.A. and making the most of her time at home. And by most of it, we mean her newest single Let There Be Love that she dropped last week! Turning her room into an acoustic-friendly studio, Ananya recorded the song from the comfort of her home and did a fabulous job, to say the least! The ladies from Malini’s Girl Tribe caught up with the star during one of Girl Tribe‘s #VirtualHappyHour and here’s everything they talked about!

Ananya Birla spills the beans on the BTS of Let There Be Love and more:

When asked about how she went about with the process of the song she produced during the pandemic and who it’s dedicated to:

This song has been a COVID-baby, if I’m allowed to say so. I recorded the song in this room (through which she was talking to us from) which is not a studio and we put a blue sheet to make it more acoustic-friendly. But it wasn’t in the studio, it was in this room and there was tons of echo and we made it like a shack, almost. So, we recorded the song here, the artwork was done in the middle of a curfew, we had to get that done. Music video—we couldn’t take that risk because it would’ve been unethical and I want to put out a music video that Maverick believes in and can work on it in America and the world—I want it to be the best me. And I don’t think I would’ve been able to achieve that. So, lyric video is what we did. All the planning, the moodboard—everything happened at home.

Promos happened in my living room; it’s so funny cause you get ready to go out somewhere but I get ready just to stand in front of the camera… When it comes to the song and the meaning of the song, there are tons of things involved. One is, given what is happening in the world right now, I think love is the one thing that will bring us all together. Live and let live is what my mom has said to me and I abide by that… Everyone has their own morales so, you know, who are you to judge me. So, let’s live and let live and if we can coexist happily, the world would be a happy place!

The lovely ladies from the Tribe were excited to chat with Ananya and had a bunch of questions for her. Below is the link to watch the virtual party we had with her!

#VirtualHappyHour With Ananya Birla

In our Girl Tribe, there are no rules when it comes to partying and celebrating! Join us as we party on a Monday evening with singing sensation Ananya Birla. In today’s Virtual Happy Hour, there’s only one theme – #LetThereBeLove!

Posted by MissMalini on Monday, August 3, 2020

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