During these testing times, a lot of us are active on social media and we spend most of our time on our screens. Whether it’s watching shows on Netflix or binging YouTube content, we can safely say that the world is going digital now that our outings are limited. Let’s take YouTube content for instance—people are widely consuming content that aspires them, inspires them and gives them something useful out of it. You may have noticed that many influencers are creating more content frequently so as to entertain their audiences during the lockdown. And on the other hand, there are many aspiring creators who don’t know where and how they can begin their journey. There are so many things to keep in mind before starting out. So, if you’re one such budding creator, don’t fret. We got in touch with ace content creator and vlogger, Mohammed Salim Khan a.k.a MSK to help you out on the few elements you will need to keep in mind before you start your vlogging journey.

About MSK

MSK is a travel and lifestyle vlogger from Mumbai. His YouTube channel called MSK has garnered over 1.2 million subscribers and he told us that he loves making videos on travel, bikes, and lifestyle. He said,

The beauty of video blogging or vlogging is that anyone can do it with the right set of skills. People are under the assumption that you need expensive gears and equipment to start vlogging. However, that is not the case. Let me share with you some secrets about how you can start vlogging with what you have.

Here’s what MSK had to say about his first-ever YouTube video:

Being a vlogger was not the plan all along. I had learned theatre acting and film-making from an acting school in Mumbai. We formed a small team to write and produce movies. My first video on YouTube was one such movie.
The only gears I had were from my film-making and acting days i.e. a camera, high-quality mics used for producing movies, backdrops, and a GoPro. The camera that is used for film-making is different from the camera we need while shooting videos for a vlog. My camera did not have an auto-focus feature. My gears were over-qualified for vlogging. GoPro was the only suitable gadget.
For my first vlog, I used my GoPro and iPhone. After I got the hang of vlogging, and I gained some subscribers I bought my first Sony Alpha a6300.

The 5 “ingredients” to start a vlog, according to MSK

He told us that the five main ingredients for vlogging are either free of cost or are available at one’s disposal. You don’t need capital or a large sum of money to start vlogging. He said, “Trust me, it works!“.

1. Camera

We know that a good camera is extremely important to start a vlog, but MSK got into the details of which camera is good for vlogging. He said,

If you have decided to start vlogging, you can use your mobile phone camera. There are many phones in the market with the best cameras. Some phones even produce 4K quality videos. Recording from a cell phone is not only easy to handle but also easy to shoot. Even today, I don’t carry my camera everywhere because it’s bulky and I prefer to use my phone.

Learn all the functions and features of your mobile phone camera. Study the phone resolution, limitations, night-mode features, and adjust settings to use correctly in different lights. If you have a cell phone which gives you videos in 1080 resolution, you are good to go.
Many vloggers with millions of subscribers today started vlogging using a smartphone.

2. Sound

While a camera is crucial, let’s not forget how essential good sound is. MSK said,

Another very important element you have to ensure is the sound quality of your videos. Your voice should be clear and audible. If the audience cannot hear you, they will not watch your videos. You also have to make sure how to record in windy or noisy places. In places with a lot of disturbance use earphones to record your voice. Most earphones have a noise cancellation feature, so make sure to use good quality earphones.

3. Lights

If the camera is good and so is the sound, but the lighting isn’t the best, the video quality will drop. Here’s what MSK had to say about lights,

Your videos should always be well lit with proper light on your face and objects. Viewers will lose interest if your videos are dull or dark. In case of night shots, use flashlights from another phone, or look for shops or street-lights. Also, know your angles and don’t shoot against the light. Unless you’re a pro in shooting videos, and you can handle the settings effectively.

4. Content

Of course, it is common knowledge that ‘Content is king’, but MSK puts it really well. Here’s what he said,

Make relatable and realistic content. Be who you are, don’t copy anyone. Avoid making content that already exists. Follow your values and principles. Be comfortable with yourself and in your space. A sense of humour is the cherry on the cake. Use or showcase your talents. You don’t need a nice camera to start vlogging, you need nice content.

5. Editing

Editing is one of the most underrated elements when it comes to vlogging. Listen to what MSK has to say,

Even though editing is an important element for vlogs, it’s not the most important. You don’t really need a lot of editing skills to start vlogging. You just need to know the basics. Some of the major edits you would need to do are remove dead pauses and keep the video crisp and raw.

Now, you might have started reading this piece with the thought that you might have to invest in a bunch of expensive gadgets. But hey, MSK just broke it down for you and revealed that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy gadgets, instead invest your time and effort creating quality content!

MSK is such a relatable and fun vlogger whose content we can never get enough of, amirite? When we asked him his thoughts on vlogging, this is what he concluded;

For “vlogging” you don’t need to invest in anything else. All these gears and gadgets are useless if you don’t practice regularly. Consistency is key. All the best and happy vlogging. Live your life, live your dream.

We hope this has helped in carving your journey toward vlogging, and if you have any more doubts, visit MSK’s vlog. He shares many such useful tips and tricks that’ll help you better your content. And as he said before, happy vlogging!

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