Disney's Live-Action Version Of Mulan Is Getting An Early OTT Release

Pallavi Manoj , 05 Aug 2020

This global pandemic has essentially put a stopper on many movies that we were waiting to watch in the theatres and Disney‘s live-action version of Mulan is just one of them. The film that was originally slated for release on 27th March 2020, had to be pushed back due to the global increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and the subsequent lockdowns followed by many countries. It was later announced that the movie would release on 21st August 2020 but looks like that’s not happening either.

On Tuesday, after months of waiting for the situation to get better, Disney announced on Tuesday that Mulan will skip theatrical release and go for a direct OTT release on their streaming platform Disney+ According to Variety, the movie will be available for a premium rental price of $29.99 for people in the US, unlike other video-on-demand movies or shows that are available for people who have subscribed. This is apparently a test run to see the response of viewers to films that were first intended for exclusive theatrical release. The movie will be available on the streaming platform from 4th September 2020. According to the same report in Variety, in countries were Disney+ isn’t available, the movies will release in theatres provided are theatres are open.

Mulan features Liu Yifei in the titular role and is directed by Niki Caro and it is a $200 million worth project. For those in the unknown, Mulan tells the story of a Chinese woman who disguises herself as a male soldier in the imperial army.

Credit: Variety 

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