For a long time now, we’ve been looking at celebrities and makeup artists for our beauty inspiration… But in this new wave (of whatever it is that 2020 is hitting us with), we’ve found that the majority of our inspiration comes from our favourite content creators. Not just for having a banging OOTDs, or an enviable bag or shoe collections, these beauty “gurus” have been really knocking it out of the park with these hella creative makeup looks. From graphic to bedazzled, to coloured and just artsy all round, you need to start following these Instagram accounts now!

1. @RowiSingh

The cool-girl of the eye makeup world, Rowi’s account is filled with very cool and creative looks that she also mixes up with her fashion, giving us a very high-fashion, editorial vibe.

2. @CutCreaser

This girl right here will have you hooked the minute you watch just one of her dewy and very zoomed-in videos. Not only does her skin prep have me drooling but the way she feathers out that eyeshadow is always a pleasure to watch!

3. @ChudeSasha

Sasha’s feed is filled with OTT, graphic and powerful makeup looks. From close up shots of glossy and overdrawn lips to neon eyeliner, this feed will definitely get your creative juices flowing.

4. @TheMermaidScales

Usually, this one profile that can make me LOL but it also shocks and awes me completely. Krutika’s feed is a mix of humour, badass OOTDs and a few makeup looks here and there. And once in a while, she’ll create these completely bomb looks that even I don’t know how to explain with words.

5. @Mianne.Chan

I first followed Mianne when she was at Refinery29 and loved watching her day-in-the-life and other such informative videos. Now I watch her for her incredible makeup looks that’s got a bit of quirk and a whole lot of colour and creativity.

6. @Beautiful.October

I’m not sure if its the glossy picture edit or the fact that this feed almost looks like a dreamy eye art gallery, but if you’re a beauty lover like me, you’ll automatically be drawn to this page. It’s got a close-up of each eye that comes with shimmery and beautiful artwork in the form of glitter and shadow play.

7. @KatieJaneHughes

One of the most informative pages you can folllow, Katie is an MUA—and a damn good one! She creates these graphic makeup looks that are somewhat simple in concept but super striking as a whole. Her videos are the best and one can look and learn from them for hours.

8. @Claudiu.Burca

Another MUA whose feed is filled with eye-catching eye makeup, editorial shots and avant-garde looks. You’ll be so incredibly inspired to create one of these looks as they’re all so.damn.good!

9. @SarahDuriani

Sarah’s got one of those aesthetically pleasing feeds… But amongst the cool pictures and cute outfits taken in the garden comes very quirky makeup looks—they’re the kind that you’d want to pull off but remember your not like Sarah to do it so flawlessly (hehe)!

These are all my favourite accounts to follow on IG, what about you?

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