Just a few days ago, news of Amitabh Bachchan tested negative for the coronavirus and was discharged from the hospital. Just this weekend, Abhishek Bachchan also made his way home after testing negative. Now, we got news of the Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai actor, Satish Shah, also having tested positive for COVID-19.

Speaking to PTI, the veteran actor said:

I am absolutely well now. As per protocol, I have to quarantine myself till August 11. I had developed fever which I suppressed by taking medicines. But then I was asked to get myself tested and the result turned out to be positive. I got admitted into the hospital immediately.

Advising everyone to do the same, he says that it was good he went to the hospital because his health was monitored round the clock so as to avoid complications. He also assures that there is nothing to be afraid of. his only concern for the 69-year-old actor was his age, but he says he is glad he has passed all the obstacles and is healthy again.

Taking to his social media account today, he thanked the medical heath professionals and the staff of Lilawati Hospital in Mumbai for ‘restoring’ his health back to life and called them ‘angels’.

Here is his tweet:

We are so glad Satish Ji is doing well now and recovered. Here’s wishing him lots of strength!