YouTube is one of the most dynamic and viewed platforms in the world today. This binge-watching platform has the ability to fulfil all your entertainment needs in one go! There are millions of YouTubers who have started out in order to showcase their skill, however, a few have managed to garner insane fanbase overtime. These YouTubers have won over the audience with their creative and hilarious comedy sketches. We all know how hard it is for one person to play different characters and yet these creators absolutely nail it! If you are looking for ultimate entertainment, you have to check out these YouTubers right now!

Here they are:

1. Lilly Singh

Lilly is the most sought after YouTuber in the world today! She is insanely creative and has a huge global fanbase. Lilly grew popular because of her mind-blowing character sketches and super relatable videos. Today she has more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.4 million followers on Instagram. Lilly plays various characters in her videos, but we are always in a fit of giggles when she plays the character of her parents i.e. Manjeet and Paramjeet.

2. Prajakta Koli a.k.a @mostlysane

MostlySane is one creator who needs no description! Apart from creating some eye-catching content on her channel, she creates various comedy sketches and we love it! However, our favourite has to be the character of ‘Montu‘. Since most of her videos are based on daily life situations, they are extremely relatable.

3. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish is one of the most loved YouTubers in our country and that’s purely because his content is so engaging, relatable and hilarious. Apart from YouTube, he also creates comic vines on Facebook and Instagram. Ashish knows his audience and reaches out to them through his multiple character sketches. However, the drunken uncle is the most recurring sketch of his and we also personally love the makeup tutorial girl he plays.

4. Bhuvan Bam a.k.a BB Ki Vines

It’s no secret that Bhuvan is one of the best sketchers in the country. His popular channel BB Ki Vines is famous for making the audience laugh until their stomach hurts. He plays all characters himself and has maintained the same set since his first comedy sketch. Some of the popular ones are Banchhodas and Mr Bola. However, the character we love to watch the most is surely Titu Mama!

5. Harsh Beniwal

With more than 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Harsh is a widely popular content creator, comedian and actor. He recently made his acting debut in the movie Student Of The Year 2. He frequently creates hilarious videos with his friends but it’s his funny comedy sketches that have us ROFLing every time we see it. All the characters are so amazing, it’s hard to pick a favourite!

6. Varun Thakur

Varun Thakur is a popular name in the field of comedians and we especially love him for his character sketch. He frequently uploads videos playing ‘Vicky Malhotra‘, who is a struggling actor from Mumbai. The best part? Vicky’s character has a unique accent and its hilarious!

7. Kusha Kapila

Very rarely we come across creators who are as sporty and creative as Kusha. She is extremely active on YouTube as well as Instagram and is famous for her extra-relatable videos. You will often see her portraying multiple characters singlehandedly in her videos and she seamlessly transitions between them. However, if you ask us, her sketch of an ‘Indian Mom‘ never fails to crack us up!

8. Gaurav Gera

Gaurav is an extremely diverse content creator and plays so many characters in his videos. His videos are super funny and he is the first to jump on a new trend and turn it into something more creative. Videos featuring his character sketch ‘Billi Masi‘ is something we continuously binge on!

9. RJ Abhinav

RJ Abhinav was widely popular on short-form video content platform TikTok and currently has around 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His content caters to a large audience and everyone loves it when he plays different characters to amp up the vibe of videos.

10. Anisha Dixit

We are big fans of how accurately Anisha can play different characters. Whether she is portraying a ‘Delhi girl‘ or even a foreigner for that matter, she always nails it. We are absolutely sure her unique comic sketches will keep your boredom at bay.

There it is! Looks like we have sorted out your entertainment needs with these amazing creators. Personally, we love YouTube sketchers because their videos are just so interesting! Once you start watching, you are hooked of sure. Which character sketch is your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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