5 Movies You Should Definitely Watch If You're A Major Foodie Like Me

Sakshi Kore , 11 Aug 2020

I spent my weekend eating a whole lot of lip-smacking food. Think chicken cafreal, ghee roast, prawns pulao, dhokla, serradura. Yes, I had a gala this weekend and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about food ever since! I’m a lover of food except for the fact that I’m not very well-versed with cooking. But, I thoroughly enjoy watching people cook or bake. So I knew that one of these days, I had to write about something that’s related to food because it didn’t leave me even in my dreams! Can you believe it?

As I mentioned, I’m not big on cooking but I am passionate about eating. The only thing I learned to make during quarantine is an easy-peasy mug cake. Which I make every single day and then complain about gaining weight. But coming back to my point, I knew I had to write something food-related and that’s when it hit me—movies. As I said, I like watching a dish come to life and what’s better than indulging in movies that’ll leave you salivating with their stunning visuals? If you, too, are a foodie like me and are on the lookout for movies that will make you want to whip something up, we suggest you give these a try!

Ahead, we give you a list of 5 movies that will make you hungry fosho:

1. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia revolve around two women set in completely different time periods and the two are supremely passionate about food. Julia Child‘s story is shown in the 1950s and Julie Powell‘s story is shown in the 2000s. The lives of both women are intertwined with a recipe book on French cooking made for American women. Julia Child moves to Paris along with her husband and learns French cooking. Shortly after which she along with 2 other friends decides to write a 524 French recipe book. Her newfound passion ends up being a success. Cut to 2002, Julie Powell, a happily married woman who’s not so happy with her career at the moment stumbles upon Julia Child‘s cookbook. Fed up of her boring job, Julie decides to try to cook all the 524 recipes from Child‘s cookbook in 365 days. She starts her own blog to share her experience. With a few hurdles here and there, she accomplishes her task! I needn’t say more but with 524 French recipes, this movie is going to tempt you and how!

2. The 100-foot journey

A Mumbai family that ran a restaurant in the busy city are met by an unfortunate fate where their restaurant is vandalised. The Kadam family then move to London to seek asylum and later to France. Papa Kadam comes across an abandoned building which used to be a restaurant before and wishes to buy it. The plan is to open an authentic Indian restaurant in the same building and for his son, Hassan, to be the head chef. The building, however, is right across from a Michelin-starred restaurant owned by Madame Mallory. Madame Mallory isn’t happy with the Kadam family’s plan and so does everything in her power for the opening night of the restaurant to fail. However, the next day Hassan learns that Madame Mallory does a test-tasting by chefs to check whether they are fit for her restaurant. Hasaan asks her if he can make her an omelette and upon agreement, he amazes her with his cooking skills. Mallory then hires Hassan and he brings an Indian touch to the French cuisine which lands the restaurant with yet another Michelin star.

3. Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu is a beautiful, light-hearted story about the closing down of one of the greatest restaurants in the world. The restaurant is situated in the Catalonia region of Spain. On the closing night, the chefs from the restaurant put their heart and soul into preparing food that’ll sweep the guests of their feet. Although centred around its splendid culinary experience, the movie shows commoners dining at the restaurant. The food brings together broken relationships and more, as the storyline shows a divorced couple coming back to dine at the restaurant for one last time. Great food has the ability to bring people together and this movie portrays just that!

4. Ratatouille

Even though an animated film, Ratatouille will leave you salivating. The movie revolves around Remy the rat who is an excellent chef. He encounters an amateur chef, Linguini, of a restaurant which was owned by Remy‘s idol, Auguste Gusteau. Linguini was quick to recognise the speciality of the rat and befriends him. They devise a plan wherein Remy hides inside Linguini‘s hat and helps him make lip-smacking dishes. The restaurant which was given a bad review by world-renowned food critic, Anton Ego, suddenly becomes popular. This results in Anton Ego to give the restaurant another try and the food cooked by Remy leaves them with a delightful review.

5. Chef

Chef is a story about a head chef who’s tired of making boring food at a restaurant. He gets into constant arguments with his boss about wanting to make innovative dishes, but his boss does not permit. One day, they get the news that they will be visited by food critic and blogger Ramsey Michel to review their food. Upon hearing this, Carl Casper, the head chef insists they cook something new and extraordinary. However, his boss disagrees and therefore Carl prepares what’s been told to him and lands with a critical review. After several such feuds with his boss, Carl leaves the restaurant and starts cooking the menu he had designed for Ramsey Michel. His ex-wife Inez asks Carl to accompany her and their son to Miami where he falls in love with the Cuban cuisine. Inez’s current husband offers Carl a food truck that becomes a success under Carl and also fixes his strained relationship with his son. As his teen son promotes their food truck on social media, Ramsey Michel stumbles upon and visits them. Impressed with Carl, he funds an all-new restaurant and gives Carl the full creative control!

Which movie will you be watching? Tell me in the comments below!

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