6 Comfy & Stylish Alternatives To Basic Leggings

6 Comfy & Stylish Alternatives To Basic Leggings

Rishika Devnani
Trending Leggings | (Source: Instagram | @athleta, @stronger)
Trending Leggings | (Source: Instagram | @athleta, @stronger)

There is no denying our fondness for the lifesaver, closet staple which is a classic black legging. Leggings are hella comfortable, stretchy to help us through our “feeling fat” days and wearable with almost everything. Also, let’s not forget, they make our booty look great! Each of us wears our leggings for different purposes, some of you might even have an entire collection of various kinds. I for one have 3 pieces of the exact pair—the same brand, colour and size. All stemming from the fear that they will be no longer be available, and I can’t afford to lose out on my trusty skinny leggings. I mean, there are very few bottoms that look great with crop-tops as they do with longer ones, and at the same time are comfortable enough to lounge in all day. I am sure many of you share my perspective!

Be it for workouts, meditation sessions, daily errands, or lounging in, we all have a go-to pair. However, amidst the lockdown, I found myself wearing them more than usual thanks to their various advantages. But as a result of the overuse, I have a grown a bit tired of the same old basic style. With the many colours, styles and collections out there, I think it’s time to take a step ahead from the generic ones and explore the different legging trends that influencers and celebrities are rocking. A couple of tweaks in the waist hemline, leg hem, colour or texture can change things up for your fashion game. Instead of the usual black skinnies, it will be exciting to mix and match some new upcoming styles.

1. Ribbed

From trial and error, and through inspiration, we have learned that adding some texture to a plain block colour style always makes the outfit more interesting. Similarly, the subtle detail of ribbing can change your leggings game. The material is equally if not more comfortable, and is perfect for daily use, fitness, yoga, or simply relaxing. Moreover, as seen below, a khaki shade is a wearable neutral that looks even better with the added detail of ribbing. Watch out for this feature the next time you are shopping!

2. Wide Leg Pants

The skinny leg style isn’t necessarily a look that suits everyone. Depending on your body shape, it might be difficult to pull off a narrow leg hem. Luckily, the bootcut look is back in fashion, and this can be seen in leggings as well. So if you are into jazz pants and a fan of Bella Hadid‘s fashion sense, then this athleisure trend is the alternative you need. A monochrome hue such as black is a safe choice to make them easily pairable. Additionally, the flared end gives you the same comfort and freedom of movement as regular leggings. An upgraded and fresh look to explore your style further!

3. Natural Colours

It is quite difficult to get a non-black neutral that works with most of your tops. However, make way for earth tones that are the new black! Expanding your colour palette is an important step to take when playing around with sartorial trends. The many natural shades that are also part of the Fall-Winer 2020 colour trends are subdued and wearable, which can easily replace black. Some of my personal favourites are sand, mocha, moss and stone hues. Moreover, the earthy hues are a great choice when meditating or practising yoga to help you re-connect with nature. Take some inspiration from the example below and throw on a denim jacket and some sneakers to look ultra-chic.

4. Bicycle Shorts

It has been established that during the rainy season and humidity, shorter is always better. Likewise, we can apply this logic to leggings as well. Keep the dirt off your tights while being extremely on-trend with the cropped tights style. You got to be living under a rock if you haven’t seen this fashioned by influencers and celebrities all over the ‘gram. In varying lengths from the ankle, to below the knee and above, the shortened hemline is a look you need to embrace. Moreover, the plethora of styling options leaves you with plenty of opportunities to play around and have fun with this super cool look. Just open your social media and you will have enough style inspiration to guide you for months!

5. Hybrid Joggers

A hybrid of joggers and leggings is the solution for those who aren’t enthusiasts of the sticky leggings fit. With a relaxed tapered fit, the material doesn’t attach itself to your skin. And at the same time is a sophisticated and smart city look. More towards an informal style, these can be worn for sports, lounging or casual outings. The breathable fabric, luxury high-performance fashion and prominent pockets make the pants an easy way to make a style statement.

6. Prints

Add some fun to your leggings by opting for funky prints and colours. There is no shortage of the choices available when it comes to printed leggings. You will be spoiled for choice with the colour, pattern and designs out there and might just end up buying more than expected! To avoid getting confused, choose a print that is on-trend for the current season. For instance, since florals are big this season it might be nice to get them on your leggings. Tropical birds, snakes and exotic flowers to bring out your wild and adventurous fashion side! Hang around the house in them or squat away, regardless you will be the most stylish person in the room!

What is your favourite legging trend from the above? Let us know in the comments below.

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