Priyanka Chopra Finishes Writing Her Memoir Titled 'Unfinished'

Avya Sharma , 11 Aug 2020
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Instagram | @priyankachopra)

Global star Priyanka Chopra who announced her memoir in 2018 titled ‘Unfinished‘ is finally finished. The actress took to her Twitter to share the good news with the netizens and said that every word in the book “comes from a place of introspection and reflection” into her life.

Priyanka’s Twitter caption read—

Unfinished is finished! Just about sent in the final manuscript! Wheee! Cannot wait to share it with you all. Every word in my memoir comes from a place of introspection and reflection into my life. #ComingSoon #unfinished.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February 2019, the star explained the title. She said, “It’s called Unfinished because there’s so much I want to do with my life, and because I haven’t written it yet”. The book will be published worldwide by Penguin Random House.

Talking about the book, Priyanka had then shared, “The flavour of the book will be honest, funny, spirited, bold and rebellious, just like me. I have always been a private person. I have never spoken about my feelings during my journey, but I am ready to do so now.”

She also took to her Instagram to share a picture that looked like the cover of her upcoming book.

Have a look at the picture here—

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The feeling of checking something off your “bucket list” gives you an indescribable sense of accomplishment…and that’s where I am in this moment. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but the timing never felt right. With each opportunity that presented itself, my first instinct was always to wait…because I wasn’t (and I’m still not) finished. I wanted to do more, live more, and achieve more, before putting pen to paper and exposing things I’ve always kept private to the world. But looking back on my life as a public person, I’m super proud of what I’ve done and where my life is right now. I’ve realized you don’t have to be finished to tell your story, and that sometimes life’s greatest lessons are taught along the ride…when you’re still figuring things out…when you’re #unfinished. So glad to be starting a new chapter (literally) with the amazing teams at Penguin Random House in the US, India, and around the world. If I can…anyone can @penguinusa @randomhouse @penguinindia . 📷 Credit: Sebastian Kim x Vanity Fair

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I am definitely excited about this one! Can’t wait to read the book.

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