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The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has left all movie lovers heart-broken and disappointed. There’s overwhelming grief amongst all of us and our heart is sorrowful. The nation has lost a great actor, a superstar in the making, and an intelligent mind. An actor who made it huge on the big screen by his sheer hard work and determination, extraordinary qualities, down-to-earth and humble nature.

Sushant was a dreamer who was busy living and fulfilling his dreams and that’s what he has left for us—a great lineage of films, most of them have great meaning and message for us and that is exactly how we would like to remember him! Let’s look at some of his greatest works.

1. M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Sushant played the role of this celebrated cricketer like no one else could have. The movie was a tell-all tale of Dhoni’s journey of becoming one of India’s greatest cricketers from a ticket collector—his journey of triumphs and tribulations. Sushant’s knock-out performance in the movie made the audience revere him. He effortlessly portrayed the role of captain cool to an extent that you feel it is Dhoni himself acting in the movie. That’s where he won as an actor—he was a perfectionist in the movie.

Through this movie, he brought to the audience the life of an extraordinary man who struggled his way to fame and recognition in the field of cricket. Through this tale, Sushant taught us to dream and to follow them no matter how difficult the circumstances get, and if we do that and follow our passion with all our hearts, there’s no way we wouldn’t succeed.

2. Chhichhore

A simple movie that won everyone’s heart. It was a beautiful way of communicating how a bunch of people called ‘losers’ can embrace it, laugh about it, and go on to achieve bigger things in life and stay happy. It’s an extraordinary story told by a father while reminiscing his adolescence, his precious camaraderie and bond with his college friends. The movie is a bittersweet reunion of friends that takes us down their nostalgic memory lane and pays an ode to their friendship.

Through the movie, Sushant taught us to never give up even when we fail. He taught us to embrace even the smallest failures in life that come our way because life is long and eventually we all get our due share of happiness. He taught us that if love is true and selfless, it can be rekindled! Sushant also taught us how a family sticks through thick and thin in hard times and sees it through!

3. Kedarnath

Kedarnath is an absolutely beautiful piece of romance between Mansoor—a simple and reserved Muslim porter and Mukku—an outgoing and rebellious daughter of a Hindu priest. This love story that blossoms under the open skies and the beautiful valleys of Kedarnath strikes a chord with every romantic. Sushant showed us through the movie an inside-out reflection of a man who lives his life for others and for his town and draws happiness out of that. He taught us to love selflessly. Mansoor taught us that true love is above and beyond cast, creed, and religion. He taught us that people like Mansoor sacrifice and save a great deal of humanity, even in their last moments.

4. Kai Po Che

Sushant’s debut film in Bollywood that made everyone believe that he was here to stay and rightly so. His debut appearance as Ishaan in Kai Po Che was stellar and realistic. Based on Chetan Bhagat’s 3 Mistakes of my Life and set in Ahmedabad, the movie revolved around 3 friends, their unique camaraderie and struggles they faced due to religious, political and communal hatred. Via the film, Sushant took us through the harsh realities of life—that is tinged with tears and sometimes regret. He taught us that we can go through such phases in life and come out smiling and victorious because true friendships, human bonds, and emotions stick with us and triumph after all!

5. Dil Bechara

The movie released after his tragic death and broke all records. The free-spirited Manny in the movie showed us that a certain illness can’t define the person. He taught us to live this beautiful life to the fullest even if we know it’s going to be short. Manny taught us to be happy and live our dreams even when things don’t work out the way we wanted them to! He taught us that we are all fighting our own battles and all we can do is be kind and love selflessly.

Isn’t it absolutely amazing how his films taught us such deep lessons? Sushant—I can say this on behalf of all your fans and admirers that we hope we got to see more of you, we wish you hadn’t left us so early. You’ll be missed dearly and fondly forever—till the end of time!