Dev Patel To Narrate National Geographic's Independence Day Series Called 'India From Above'

Shubanka Sridhar , 13 Aug 2020
Dev Patel by Kathy Hutchins; National Geographic's 'India From Above' poster (Source:, Instagram | @natgeoindia)
Dev Patel by Kathy Hutchins; National Geographic’s ‘India From Above’ poster (Source:, Instagram | @natgeoindia)

British-Indian actor Dev Patel is one artist of Indian origin who has brought us great praise because of his body of work in international cinema. This 73rd Independence Day, the Slumdog Millionaire actor is all set to be a part of a special series put together by National Geographic, where he will be narrating the stories of modern India and its connection with its mystic roots, shown through an aerial view.

A two part series, India from Above will show some rather breathtaking events in the history of modern India through visually compelling, never-seen-before aerial shots filmed with the help of 4k drone cameras. The show has been shot across one year and covers four seasons and multiple terrains that India is made of.

A press release from National Geographic said:

From the magnificent display of devotion at the world’s largest religious gathering of Kumbh festival to the stunning spectacle of the monumental solar plant in Tamil Nadu, National Geographic’s bird’s-eye view truly reveals the best of India. In an age when India has the technology to launch missions into space, the series also highlights how the nation is careful to preserve the unique techniques pioneered in its rich heritage.

It’s so exciting to be able to see our nation in all its glory through such a different and interesting perspective, no? And to hear the story of the lives of 1.3 billion Indians through Dev’s compelling narration is going to be a treat!

The show is a joint production between National Geographic UK and Line Production. It is set to premiere on August 14th and 15th.

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