Here’s An Open Letter To Every Parent From ‘We Are Yuvaa’ & Other Creators

Kavisha Mody , 13 Aug 2020
Dear Parents, Please Listen To Us (Source: YouTube | @weareyuvaa)
Dear Parents, Please Listen To Us (Source: YouTube | @weareyuvaa)

Mental health is a growing concern among the youth today but sadly society doesn’t let us talk about it enough. In such a case, it is so important to have parents that understand what their child is going through. Comparing their kids to others, trivialising their issues, not keeping an open mind about the problems they face are just a few examples of what almost all parents are guilty of practising, even though it’s unintentional! In times like these, popular YouTube channel ‘We Are Yuvaa‘ collaborated with multiple prominent Indian influencers and created this open letter for all the parents out there. The video is so wholesome and heart-warming, you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing it. Here are all the details about ‘Dear Parents, Please Listen To Us

What the video is all about

We Are Yuvaa‘ had an important issue to address on 12th August, which was #InternationalYouthDay! How often does this happen to you, that you wish to share something with your parents but don’t end up telling them because you are scared of how they’d react? Our favourite content creators like Prajakta Koli, Rohan Shah, Barkha Singh, Karanvir Malhotra, Sukhnidh Kaur, Gagan Arora and Anmol Sachar have come together to change this situation. Dear Parents is a spoken word poem beautifully penned down and directed by Garima Kunzru. Check out the whole video right here!

A little about what ‘We Are Yuvaa‘ is

Yuvaa is a youth media organisation that believes in empowering today’s youth. They are all about sharing meaningful conversations and building a strong community of individuals. Their aim is to engage with the youth of the country through purpose-driven stories, discussions and experiences. We were really inspired by how current and thought-provoking their content is!

The impact it had on us

We were really blown away by how impactful and heart-touching the poem was. It was amazing to see so many loved creators join hands and come together for a cause such as this. Indian households often stigmatize mental health. It’s pertinent for parents to understand this fact and practise listening to their children with an open mind.

We only hope this beautifully thoughtful video reaches more and more people. It is time we talk about mental health normally with kids, teenagers and parents in order to spread awareness. Guys, we want you to always remember that #MentalHealthMatters.

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