It is always so amazing to see our favourite creators have a heart-to-heart conversation about their journey and experiences. That is exactly what our series ‘Show & Tell‘ brings to you! We kicked off the series with the talented singer and entrepreneur Ananya Birla and it was such an amazing experience. The second episode of the series just released today and it features the popular creator Sejal Kumar. Apart from being an amazing content creator, Sejal is also a talented singer and a dancer. The conversation we had with her was so candid, real and fun, you can check out all that went down right here!

What is Show & Tell all about

Show & Tell is an IGTV series that’s all about getting to know our favourite influencers and deep diving in their journey. It is not a simple question and answer format, the aim of the show is to have artists share their experiences and story with us. As you all know, the video starts off with Karishma Govil holding an item that has utmost importance to Sejal and that’s a metro card. This item kicked off our conversation and she not only told us about her work but also gave us a taste of how her day-to-day lifestyle is.

What Sejal had to say…

We absolutely loved how candid Sejal was about her life! From pursuing her passion for singing and dancing since school to contesting in Campus Princess in college, she spoke about it all. For her, a metro card is so important because she has travelled in the metro for 3 hours daily all her college life. Since she had already started blogging during the 2nd year of college, she always wished that people would recognise her through her channel during the commute. Now that finally happens to her quite a lot, and we couldn’t have been happier for her!

All about her content…

As someone who has travelled a lot and experienced a range of things, Sejal always knew that fashion was on thing that interested her the most. She started out with her first video called ‘Summer Style In Turkey‘ and has come a long way from there. We love how she feels so strongly towards the kind of content she creates and it’s so fulfilling for her! Sejal also believes in prioritizing her health and mental well-being over anything else and doesn’t refrain from taking a break from social media platforms as and when needed.

Her contribution to ‘Creators For Change

Sejal Kumar was the Indian ambassador for YouTube’sCreators For Change‘ initiative, which was headed by Michelle Obama. Since this year’s theme was girls education, Sejal released her own track ‘Aisi Hun‘ as a part of the initiative. The track is all about the journey of a girl who comes from a conservative background and strives to find her own independent identity. Society often labels determined women ‘Unsanskari‘ and that’s one notion Sejal wishes to change through her track, more power to you girl! She is also working on some more original music and we can’t wait to hear it!

Pro-Tip for budding creators

Here’s what Sejal had to say to all the upcoming content creators out there,

Firstly, believe in yourself, because that is so important! If you have an idea, don’t be scared if someone tells you it’s not good enough. If you think it’s good enough, just go for it. Secondly, get someone to help you with your channel as soon as possible. It really helps to have that kind of support from the start!

That’s some really practical advice there! It was so amazing to feature a talented creator like Sejal Kumar in the 2nd episode of Show & Tell and we are sure y’all will love the episode too. Check it out right here!

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