When it comes to trying certain makeup trends, getting creative with multipurpose products, or most importantly when it’s about the glam secrets behind the beauties of Bollywood, professional makeup artists and hairstylists are definitely ones to look out for! We’ve rounded up 11 beauty experts to dish on their favourite hack whether it be how to get a flushed and natural look, or whether it’s how to prep you skin before makeup, scroll down to read:

Namrata Soni: For firmer & taut skin

Use an ice roller on the skin before makeup and generally atleast 2 times a week to tighten your skin.

Arti Nayar: For opening up the eyes

Here are a few things you can do: 1) You need to always curl the lashes followed by a mascara. 2) A white kajal pencil. 3) A little highlighter in the inner corner of the eye but when you do this I sometimes put a little on the inner corner of my lid and it works everytime also add some glam to the eye makeup but in a very subtle way.

Pompy Hans: For a glass-like flawless base

If you have oily skin, prep your base with a gel primer or water based moisturiser. If you have dry skin, use a heavy moisturiser mixed with facial oil or serum to hydrate the skin. And for those with an oily T-zone or combination skin, use a matte primer on the area and prep the rest your skin with moisturiser.


Shraddha Naik: For lifted lashes

Just heat up your eyelash curler a bit with your hair dryer, make sure you check the temperature before you curl your lashes and then hold it there for 10 seconds. Once done that, coat it with two coats of mascara and voila!! You will notice an extra lift. Repeat the same process on the other eye. I personally love how my lashes look after, hope you all like it too!

Natasha Moor: For makeup on-the-go

If you don’t have time, find a liquid matte lipstick that’s long lasting and moisturising, Dab some on the back of your palm and use it as lipstick, blush (by using a damp beauty blender dab some from your palm to your cheeks blending it toward your cheekbones). You can also use this as your eyeshadow, using your fingers, just dab across your lids!

Ayesha DeVitre: For annoying flyaways

Whether your hair is worn down or styled in an up-do, fly-a-ways are annoying as hell! A trick to settle flyaways and baby hair is to spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush over your hairline. This will keep everything smooth without overproducting hair. Another option is to use transparent mascara ! It works like a charm too

Mehak Oberoi: For prepping the skin before makeup

A DIY that I never fail to do before any shoot is an ice facial. Now this means dunking the face in a bowl of ice water. This helps tighten the face muscles and allows the makeup to look seemless and go on smoothly. This is one of the oldest hacks and I’ve been following it always!

Hiral Bhatia: For taming frizzy hair because of the humidity

So, I have two really great hacks: First, if you’re stepping out and you’ve tied your hair into a sleek bun or a ponytail and your flyaways bother you, Here’s a quick fix… Use a little petroleum jelly and neaten the flyaways. Can do it with a toothbrush for better result. And if you baby hair bothers you and you want to stay way from gels and hair spray then just take a bit of aloe vera gel in a spoolie brush and neaten it out. Secondly, to prevent hair damage- replace your cotton pillows with a silk one, this reduces friction and thus prevents hair breakage. And replace plastic combs with a wooden one.

Sandhya Shekar: For a natural flush

Apply a cream blush under your foundation along with your primer. And post that you can apply your foundation and contour. You can apply the blush later on as well but the reason behind doing it before is to give your cheeks a natural flush, as blush can get worn out later since it usually goes on top

Mallika Bhatt: For dry & dull-looking skin

Add milk powder, yogurt, honey and a couple of strands of safron and mix properly. Put a generous layer on ur face and neck (avoid eye area) and relax with cucumber slices over ur eyelids. Wash after 20-25 minutes.

Anchal Morwani: For when you run out of your curl cream

So I love my curls and I love accentuating them with a curl cream. But during COVID-19, I ran out of curl cream, so I substituted my curl cream with my rinse out conditioner and it worked like a charm!

I took a small amount of my conditoner and ran through my mid-lengths to the ends and it did wonders for me!

Will you try these hacks anytime soon? Let us know your favourite and the ones you’ve tried.

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