5 FAQs About Career Advancement And Skill Development—Answered

Pooja Maheshwary , 15 Aug 2020
Indian business woman speaking to colleague or HR during job interview by fizkes | www.shutterstock.com
Indian businesswoman speaking to colleague or HR during a job interview by fizkes | www.shutterstock.com

We all get stuck in a rut at some point or another in our professional lives, but women specifically have to take breaks in their career as other priorities take over. Opportunities to reinvent one’s career are available at any stage, but knowing how to identify your goals and setting a path can be a challenge for some. This is where a career mentor can help.

We invited Shireen Ardeshir, Education Advisor and Career Mentor at Study Networks, to host a #GirlTribeAMA session for Malini’s Girl Tribe. She answered all questions related to studying abroad in 2020-21, short courses one can take to improve their skillset, tips on making the most of work-from-home opportunities, ways to advance one’s career during the lockdown, and more! Read on to know all the tips she shared!

Q. What’s the best way to explain the gaps in my CV? 

If the gaps are short, you can explain it during your interview but if the gaps are longer, employers would appreciate it if you address them either as a note on the CV or on the cover letter. The idea would be to talk about why the gap was necessary and to highlight any insights, learning or skill you may have gained during this time.

Q. How can I make my CV stand out?

Today, there are so many creative ways of presenting your CV, but the thumb rule is to keep it short (not more than one page) and to include a summary of the experiences relevant to the job and the position you are applying for. The content in your CV needs to stand out as well, and to do this you have to talk about the results you have achieved in your previous positions.

Q. How does one take a leap from a salaried job to working for themselves?

It’s the best time to do so. If you know why you want to make the shift, it helps you put things into perspective. For example, do you want to pursue a passion? Or are you doing it to maintain a source of income? You also need to evaluate the skill or idea you have and develop it to make it a scalable business. 

Q. I was in the education sector (teaching), and gradually my focus shifted to counselling. I am currently pursuing a guidance and counselling course from NCERT. I plan to work digitally. How can I advertise my services? 

You’ll find a wealth of information online on ways to promote yourself. You can sign up for a short course conducted by experts on digital marketing. You can also undertake a short learning program on Udemy or Coursera. To promote yourself and your services, I would simply say—Network. Promote your services amongst family, friends and even acquaintances. You should also update your LinkedIn profile.

Q. How can I develop a career in image consultancy and personality development?

You can get a lot of information online and even find related courses on Coursera or Udemy. You can also reach out to the Image Consulting Institute for guidance.

Do you have any tips on ways to advance one’s career? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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