Unicorn-Inspired Fashion | (Source: Instagram | @loveshackfancy, @moschino)
Unicorn-Inspired Fashion | (Source: Instagram | @loveshackfancy, @moschino)

Every girl needs a touch of magic and a sprinkle of glitter in her life to get through those dreary days, especially during lockdown! And what better way to do this than through fashion. The minimalists will shy away from this trend, however, for those experimental, unicorn fashion is the way the go. Light-hearted and mystical, the unicorn-inspired fashion trend has been around for a couple of years. Additionally, it is a style that is loved by both, children and adults. It manages to spark the little girl in us, blurring the lines between dreams and reality. This makes it perfect for when we want to infuse some carefree whimsical bits into our attire.

As a little girl in the ’90s, my introduction to unicorns was through My Little Pony and Lisa Frank stationery. Brushing and braiding their long coloured hair, collecting the different ponies, and binging on all products branded by them. Capturing our childhood memories, unicorns were then seen as the theme on music videos of pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, alongside rainbows and fluff. The obsession picked up around 2012 when we saw this mythical creature’s inspiration extending beyond fashion to food, stationery and makeup as well. I am sure you have heard of the highly popular Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, Unicorn Mist by Paris Hilton, unicorn bagels, unicorn horn-inspired makeup brushes… the list goes on and on.

Unicorns are surrounded by a lot of myths relating to their fantastical horns and stunning appearance. Often linked to purity, feminity and child-like innocence, these magical, colourful creatures have found a way to cheer up nostalgic adults on a grey day. Amidst the negativity we are surrounded with, a splash of unicorn love and childhood reminiscence via sartorial means seems to do the trick.

Scroll below to check out my 8 picks on unicorn-inspired fashion to make your day magical:

1. Maxi Dress

As we have seen the current trend is flowy maxi dresses, also tie-dye prints are all the fad. Combine them together and you have nailed every trend. The blend of the pastel hues on the dress by Loveshackfancy gives us unicorn vibes. Enhancing the look further, accessorising with flower hoop earrings and shiny gold block heels with flower-printed socks is all you need to look like a dream.

2. Holographic Mini Skirt

The holographic effect is the best medium to radiate unicorn feels. This high-waist short skirt with a front zipper is a super stylish pick if you are looking to get on board with the trend. You can pair it with a simple tee or white shirt to rock the trend in a subtle way. Additionally, you can go all out by matching an equally shimmery sequin top!

3. Lunch Box Bag

A truly nostalgic item to carry is this exclusive lunchbox handbag by Moschino. Part of their Moschino Loves My Little Pony capsule collection, this item is now a collectable. We all have carried a lunchbox to school with our favourite cartoon on it, to do the same as an adult and actually be on-trend is a dream. The cartoon ponies and rainbow hues on this item are sure to brighten up any outfit and add magic to our entire day.

4. Stylish Pants

Are you daring enough to rock this style? Behold the disco sequin pants! The multitude of unicorn colours reflecting off make these pants a unique choice. If dressing in tulle and dresses is not your style, these pants with a scrunched up bottom are a cool alternative. To really feel this look, be bold and go for some shine from head-to-toe. Or another easier option is it to wear it with a basic front-knot tee. Regardless, you will surely make a statement while looking like a modern-day unicorn!

5. Embellished Socks

A fun way to add some unicorn magic to your wardrobe is with these ultraviolet tulle socks! To make them really stand out, make sure your entire outfit is kept as simple as possible, and in neutral colours. Moreover, pair them with basic shoes such as the white ones pictured below which allows the design on the socks to make its mark. We love how girly yet stylish this pair looks! Think of the infinite ways you can wear them to add some shimmer to your look.

6. Tulle Skirt

There is no unicorn without some frills and ruffles. All your childhood dreams will come true in this stunning skirt by Papa Don’t Preach. You will feel straight out of a fairytale in this textured tulle skirt with a trail and its ombre hues from pink to purple. Adding to it, the designers have gone all out and styled the skirt with an embroidery and sequins corset, making the appearance even more magical. Twirl around all day as you will look exceptional in this outfit.

7. Multicoloured Shoes

Your feet could use some unicorn magic as well and these Sophia Webster Chiara Sandals in silver and pastel are the perfect way to do so. The signature 3D butterfly wings and shimmery colour make this pair unicorn approved! The multicoloured stilettos will give a bold twist to your casual look and ensure you are a showstopper for every occasion. Are you ready to dazzle?

8. Bomber Jacket

Life should be about fun, and this should reflect in your wardrobe. Rainbow hues and magical creatures appliquéd on my jacket rear are all that I need to feel like I am back in the ’90s. Bomber jackets have a very retro high school aesthetic to them and wearing the cult favourite My Little Pony on them is my version of a time machine. Tap into the unicorn trend with this playful version, it can’t get any cooler! Pair them with pale denim, a plain t-shirt, some kicks and you are good to go with a sporty unicorn vibe.

What is your favourite piece from the unicorn-inspired trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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