5 Digital Leaders Share Their Mantras Of Becoming A Successful Creator

Kavisha Mody , 18 Aug 2020
Sudeep Lahiri, Viraj Sheth, Khushi Govil, Avinash Bidaia, Mihir Surana (Source: Instagram | @sudeeplahiri12 @viraj_sheth @khushigovil @avinashbidaia @surana_mihir)
Sudeep Lahiri, Viraj Sheth, Khushi Govil, Avinash Bidaia, Mihir Surana (Source: Instagram | @sudeeplahiri12 @viraj_sheth @khushigovil @avinashbidaia @surana_mihir)

A content creator is someone who shoulders the responsibility of keeping the audience entertained. But how often do we recognise the effort that goes behind it? The importance of good quality content is increasing by the day. However, people tend to consider it an easy process. We are here to tell you that it’s not! An entertainment field like this requires a great audience connect, engaging ideas and relentless effort. Apart from content creators themselves, if there’s anyone who exactly knows what goes behind becoming a successful creator, are the people who manage and mentor them. And according to them, here’s what you need to have in order to make it big in the digital world.

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1. Sudeep Lahiri, One Digital Entertainment 

Sudeep started off his career as part of the Radio industry, he was a part of the Big FM team and has headed the music team on a national level. Since the last 6 six years, he has been at One Digital Entertainment, where he heads content and strategy. Sudeep plays an integral role in executing their creator’s vision and making sure they move in the right direction. Here’s what he has to say to all creators who wish to leave their mark,

Firstly, know your audience, you need to know who are you creating content for. This is usually something people often go wrong with. Secondly, maintain consistency, you have to create content consistently over time to see results. Lastly, keep up with the changing taste of your audience. Keep evolving in terms of content development and keep up with current trends. These are the three fundamentals steps people should follow to start with. Do something you love and are good at because this is never a short term game. You have to do this for a longer period of time so pretence never works.

2. Mihir Surana, NoFiltr Group 

Mihir has been a part of the events industry since a decade and has organized several events with international artists like Sean Kingston, Hardwell, Pitbull etc. Then decided to venture out in search of an adventure in the new age media. He joined NOFILTR and started looking into the operations and execution of all their hero projects. He’s currently the COO and here’s what he thinks any successful creator needs,

“निष्पादन के बिना दृष्टि माया है”
Without execution, a vision is just a dream.

To be a successful content creator it’s important that you’re happy about what you are doing. If you are passionate about creating content, sooner or later success will follow. Consistency is the key. You need to be consistent with your content and not get disheartened if at some point your engagement is not as you expected. There will be ups and downs but you need continue doing your best.

3. Avinash Bidaia, KWAN Entertainment 

Avinash has been a part of KWAN for 10 years now and strongly believes that their relationship with a creator should add value to the creator’s career. As someone who has given a traditional career like chartered accountancy a try, he soon realised that he is extremely passionate about all forms of entertainment. According to Avinash, it is important to understand what you wish to be surrounded by. We totally agree with what he has to say!

For any artist or creator I would say the most important thing for them is to know what they stand for, what is it that they would like to communicate with the world. What they say or how they say it will continue to evolve as they grow and progress in their career but it’s important for them to know what that focal thought they want to put out. It’s also important to understand the pulse of your audience, what is it that they want, what is it about you that they connect with, what are the external trends, it’s critical for any artist to keep evolving and challenging themselves with the ever changing times. Lastly I feel there is no hard and fast rule that you need a agent or agency when your starting of or at a specific point in your career… agencies or agents definitely do help and will play the role of a catalyst and fast track something for you on the business side. But I would say sign up with someone only if you feel they are truly passionate about your dreams and goals and believe in you.

4. Viraj Sheth, Monk Entertainment 

Viraj is the Co-founder & CEO of Monk Entertainment, a digital entertainment, talent management and influencer marketing firm. They represent a lot of artists digitally across various genres and platforms, who are active on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and shorter video platforms as well. According to Viraj, if you wish to be a successful creator, you must have these three things. Here they are,

  1. You have to have an undying love for creating content, if you are going to be in it only for the freebies and the fame that it gets you, you’re not going to last very long, the only way to sustain in this career which is a super long marathon and not a sprint race is only if you have unconditional love for creating content.

  2. You need to be super consistent with what you’re going to be doing in this space, one of the biggest key factors with the people who survived this long and not perished because this is a career that is glamorous to the tune of Bollywood and cricket and the shelf life to it is also very short and the only way to sustain for a long term is to be very consistent in content.

  3. You will have to deal with hate at a regular basis and you will have to ensure that it does not get to you because trolls exists on the internet in a very high amount and if you let hem get to you, you will sort of start curbing your own form of expression which will mean that your creativity and your own voice will diminish if you let hate get to you.

Keeping in mind how we are moving forward digitally, here’s what Viraj thinks is extremely important for a content creator in 2020.

If you are a content creator in 2020 you will need to know how to create video content, if you’re putting yourself out there, you cannot just create static content because video is where the future & growth is at. So you need to be able to create video content and get rid of all your shyness, introverted-ness and put yourself out there on video.

5. Khushi Govil, Qyuki Digital 

Khushi is the head of creator alliances at Qyuki Digital. With more than a decade of work experience, she now handles multiple short and long-form video creators and has candidly seen what goes behind becoming a successful creator on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

I have seen creators grow slowly and steadily, and seen them grow at the speed of light too. One common trait that I have noticed in all the successful ones is the art of being grounded and approachable. Yes, it is talent, passion, drive, etc. But I feel being grounded is the key. I have seen popular creators like Adnaan Shaikh and Mr. Faisu shoot all day and sit to eat lunch at 9 PM. However,  if a fan approaches them at that moment for a picture, they first get up and click that picture.

We strongly agree with what they have to say, as they have seen what it really takes to be a successful content creator. So now that you have the mantra on making it big on the internet, what are you waiting for?

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