The tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has led to a lot of discussions and debates about nepotism and favouritism in the Bollywood film industry. It had re-ignited the insider-outsider debate, which blamed celebrities and star kids like Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and others being blamed by netizens for sidelining Sushant professionally.

While this has created a lot of buzz and is all everyone is talking about, a few people, like actor Naseeruddin Shah, state that they don’t understand why this debate is catching so much fire. Speaking to India Today Television in an interview, Shah dismissed the presence of the ‘movie mafia’ and said that people “who have frustration in their minds towards the film industry are vomiting it out to the press.”

Speaking about the debate and politics surrounding Sushant’s death, Shah said:

It’s sickening. It is absolutely sickening. I have not followed it. I felt deeply grieved when the young man died. I did not know him but he had a bright future and it was a waste of a life. But I did not bother to follow the nonsense that’s being spouted by a whole lot of people. Every person who has any little frustration in his mind, in his heart, about the commercial industry, has been vomiting it out to the press. It is absolutely disgusting. I mean, keep these complaints to yourself, no one is interested.

Hinting at Kangana Ranaut, he said that “nobody is interested to hear the opinions of a half-educated starlet who has taken it upon herself to get justice for Sushant.” He states that it is best if it is left to the law.

Now, getting back at his comment, Kangana’s team took to their Twitter handle and responded to it. She thanked him saying that he weighed all her achievements so far, which none of her contemporaries have, on the basis of nepotism and asked him if he would say the same thing to her if she was Prakash Padukone or Anil Kapoor‘s daughter.

She later went on to share an old video of hers with Naseeruddin Shah from last year, and says that he is such a great artist that his scoldings also are like a learning. She said that she wishes to remember the good times when he told her that he appreciates her and her craft.

Have a look at her tweets:

Earlier today, Kangana took to her Twitter to request the government to take Karan Johar’s Padmashri Award back. Read all about it here.