Having your friends around just makes everything so much better, isn’t it? All of us can agree that a good friend is like a blessing in your life. We laugh with them, cry with them, share so many memories and experiences with them. When it comes to digital platforms, there is fierce competition among artists and creators. However, there a few artists whose tight friendship with their peers really make our heart swoon. So on this friendship day, we have decided to show y’all a list of influencer friendships who show us what a genuine, positive and an empowering friendship looks like!

Here they are:

1. Ashish Chanchlani & Bhuvan Bam

Ashish and Bhuvan are two content creators who need no introduction! Both of them have aced their game when it comes to creating funny and unique content. However, they are more like great friends than competitors. We often see them working together and they show their love towards each other regularly on social media through funny banter.

2. Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane & Mithila Palkar

Ever since they met, Mithila and Prajakta call each other ‘Wifey‘ isn’t that adorable? They share so many cute moments and memories together. From complimenting each other online to numerous gossip sessions and crazy events, they have done it all! According to us, they are literally the epitome of ‘Best Friend Goals’.

3. Dolly Singh & Komal Pandey

For Komal, Dolly is literally like a sister from another mister! They share a very real and genuine bond and they know that they can fall back on each other for anything and everything. Their pictures together will really make you miss your best friend.

4. Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a. @beerbiceps & Be Younick

Even though we don’t see Ranveer and Nick collab regularly, but they are really good friends on a personal level and speak to each other almost every day.

5. DamnFam

DamnFam is a group of 11 influencer friends who have now turned into a family. We absolutely love how they collaborate with each other and create unique content. You can easily see the kind of pure and tight bond they share with each other in their videos. Check out their Instagram page @damnfam right now!

6.  Teen Tigada

Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey form the popular group Teen Tigada. All three content creators are heart-throbs and look adorable together. Their content is loved by millions not only because they are extremely talented but also because they share such an amazing friendship with each other.

7. Team 07

Team 07 is just one more example of how your friends have become your family! No matter what happens, they have always got each other’s back. It’s adorable to see these creators rooting for each other and supporting one another at every chance they get.

8. Nicole Concessao & Sonal Devraj a.k.a. Team Naach

Nicole and Sonal know each other for over 10 years and their page ‘Team Naach‘ is loved by millions across the globe. It’s so amazing to see two close friends start a venture and grow together. Their spirit and love towards each other touch our heart on every occasion.

9. Danish Khan & Shayan Siddiqui

Danish and Shayan have been buddies for many years and that’s how we know how real their friendship is. They started their influencer journey separately but have always motivated and encouraged each other to grow and do better.

10. House Of Misu

Mitali and Summiya together started House of Misu, which is now a prominent fashion and lifestyle blog. We can’t stress enough on how adorable their friendship is! They have been there for each other as friends and business partners as well.

11. Funcho

Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma together came up with Funcho and we absolutely love that page. Their content is so unique and they are so comfortable with each other. Their seamless equation is the highlight of all their videos.

12. The Sobo Guys

Amaan, Armaan and Vivek are all about fashion and lifestyle. However, apart from work, they also are really close friends and you will always see them supporting one another in any venture or initiative.

Surely this list is making you miss your best friend, so go ahead and wish them a very happy friendship day from our end as well and tag them in comments below!

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