Blogging today is one of the most sought-after fields and everyone looks up to bloggers whenever they need inspiration. Influencers play a vital role in guiding their audience and directing them towards a better living. They’ll inspire you to step-up your game but also maintain minimalism and elegance. Luxury lifestyle bloggers are just the right people for your daily dose of lifestyle inspiration, product reviews, information about high-end brands and much more. So if you are all about living the large and luxurious life, you have to follow these Indian luxury bloggers. Watch them define luxury for you right here!

Here they are:

1. Rij Eappen a.k.a King Of Clubs

Rij’s blog is the perfect example of what it’s like to live a life king size! This is your go-to page for chic lifestyle inspiration and high-end fashion trends. Moreover, you will also find everything you need to know about the lit nightlife scene in the city.

2. Sarang Patil a.k.a @heisgotthestyle

Sarang is all about travelling around the world, eating good food and looking suave all-day every day! Apart from that, he also loves to document his experiences on his blog and on YouTube. Moreover, he has a charming personality and an exquisite taste in fashion. If you are ever looking to amp up your standard of living, his page will give you all the inspiration you need.

3. Rizwan Bachav

Rizwan is an investment banker by profession, who chose to follow his passion for luxury blogging. He is massively enthusiastic about luxury watches, cars, fragrances and sneakers and you will see him talking about them often on his blog. Don’t forget to check out his IGTV videos for some amazing product reviews!

4. Kresha Bajaj

Kresha’s feed will make you look like you have stepped into a dreamland. She is the epitome of what ‘living your best life’ means! She travels all around the world, captures the most beautiful locations and experiences them in the most luxurious way. In addition to this, she also has her own label of high-end clothing. We are absolutely certain that once you check her blog out, you will be hooked to the kind of lifestyle she has!

5. The Sobo Guys

The Sobo Guys is a blog that’s run by three talented influencers Amaan, Armaan and Vivek. This trio will bring the best of luxury lifestyle straight to you. They are extremely enthusiastic about fashion, travel, fitness and cars. We love how they are always up for trying out new trends!

6. Diipa Khosla

Diipa is a global Indian luxury influencer, who has been featured in many recognised magazines and publications for her way of life. Apart from being a dynamic blogger, she is also a TEDx speaker and founder of @post.for.change. She is extremely active on her YouTube channel as well, where she documents her daily experiences and much more.

7. Rasna Bhasin

If you are a fan of soothing aesthetics, then Rasna’s feed is your place to be! She has a unique sense of style that truly appeals to a certain niche. However, what we love the most about her is that she showcases her true self through her work.

8. House Of Misu

This widely popular blog is the brain baby of Mitali and Summiya, who strongly believe that luxury is the way of life! They have a great love for all things pretty, be it fashion, travel destinations, beauty or food. Since 2011, they have not only been documenting their exciting journey but also have been inspiring so many creators along the way. What we love the most is that they always keep everything elegant but never shy away from trying something new and quirky.

9. Naina.Co is an online visual journal started by Naina Redhu. She has worked with global luxury brands and shares her experiences on her blog page. In addition to this, she also covers a wide range of categories, such as food, lifestyle, fashion and much more. Since the past 16 years, Naina has also been helping businesses build a brand presence online and we see her conducting multiple workshops for it as well.

10. Jinita Sheth

Jinita’s blog is every aesthetic lover’s dream come true! She is not just a prominent luxury influencer, but also has her own fitness page and is the creative director of her own fashion label @thelabel.jenn. With over 80k followers on her Instagram, her feed exudes top-tier elegance. What we find really unique about her is that any piece of content that goes up on her blog has a personal touch and connection.

11. Shalini Chopra

Shalini is a Bangalore-based fashion and luxury blogger. Her blog is a guide for every reader who wishes to live a glamorous, fashionable and chic lifestyle. Over the years she has received numerous national and international accolades for her unique and consistent content. Moreover, she has also inspired many people to develop a positive outlook on life.

12. Masoom Minawala

If you are looking for authentic styling inspiration, Masoom is one of the best luxury bloggers to follow! She is an Indian influencer living in Europe and she is widely popular for her fashion styling. It’s absolutely adorable to see her bring out her Indian essence in everything she does.

13. Jeremy C a.k.a @fmwdotcom

Jeremy is surely the kind of luxury influencer who is worth noting in the male category. We see him collaborating with multiple brands because of his urban perspective on fashion and lifestyle. He likes to keep himself updated with new global trends and likes to write about them as well.

14. Riaan George

Riaan is primarily a content creator who is also an avid luxury blogger. He is extremely enthusiastic about cars, watches and travel destinations. We love how his idea of luxury is not something that’s beyond impossible to achieve for normal people. He is all about practical ideas and great experiences.

We are absolutely sure that after looking at these influencers, you can’t wait to live that luxurious life! It is inspiring to see these bloggers make a career out of their passion and that only proves you can do it too. Which influencer is your favourite from the list?

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