This morning when we at team MissMalini got to work and starting getting by our day as we regularly do, we noticed that attaching images and documents on emails was giving us a hard time. We were unable to send attachments through email on our Gmail accounts and figured that something was very wrong. After doing a tonne of research on what was going on, it came to our attention that millions of Gmail users globally are facing these issues. G Suite services have been affected. According to Business Insider, users have been unable to upload files, download files, or share them on Google Drive as well.

Details of the issue

Users are unable to send mails or attach files to these emails. When users do try sending an email containing an attachment, it simply does not work. The mail gets sent but the attachment doesn’t, and an error message that reads, “the operation couldn’t be completed” comes up.

Gmail, Google Drive, Google Groups, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Docs, Google Keep, and Google Voice are all facing issues, although Gmail is the most affected.

Latest Updates

According to the Indian Express, Google apps status page has been updated, confirming that they’ve received reports of these issues relating to Gmail. Users are getting vocal about these difficulties on the DownDetector website, highlighting the same.

Till we get some more updates and the issues are resolved, here are some hilarious memes going around on Twitter regarding this!

These memes are a classic example of “Adversity breeds creativity”.

We hope these issues are solved soon and everything works smoothly!

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