Being an overly anxious person, I’ve realised that having a routine helps me stay calm, focused and stress-free. And if you thought it only worked for humans, I’ve got some news for you. Turns out, having a routine for your dog is extremely helpful too! Once they learn about your expectations from them, it helps them with their mental health. Also, it helps them understand what their role is in the family and home. So, if you’re a new dog-parent or are looking for setting up a proper schedule for your dog, scroll down to check out the 3 steps to get there.

1. Work Time

Obviously work time for dogs doesn’t mean you ask them to get a job and go to work. Work time for dogs is when they’re mentally engaged—when you teach them how to stay, sit, leave it, come, etc. You can set up work time for them at any time of the day, as long as you keep it consistent. It can include a lot of things but mainly is about obedience training. Apart from that, what it can also include are their walk time and mealtime. Dogs need to know when they’ll be fed and having consistency helps them understand their schedule better. All this work time will now make your dog tired and ready for some rest time.

2. Rest Time

Just like humans, dogs need their rest time too. If you never set a rest time for your dogs, it will give them the understanding that they can always rely on you. And this way, even if you’re busy with chores, running errands or just chilling, they’ll probably bug you for treats, food, or bathroom time. Setting up rest time for your dog teaches them independence along with proper, much-required rest. A great way is to use crates—that way, they have a safe space that is all theirs. Getting your dog used to a crate is also important as you can put them in a crate when needed and keep them safe from running around and having accidents all over the house. Rest time can be of any duration, but listen to how your dog responds. And the best way to reward them after rest time is with playtime!

3. Play Time

Once your pupper is well-rested, you can reward them with some fun playtime! Maybe they love to go on a walk or play tug of war, run around in the fields, or even snatch. Rewarding them with playtime will make their rest time worth it. And playtime will not only help them build their confidence but also feel loved. And you always have the opportunity to mould your pup’s behaviour during playtime as well.

These are the three basic steps to create a routine for your dog. Depending on your schedule and routine, you can set the timings for these.

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