Jaysn: The Motovlogging Sensation That Inspires Millions

Khushi Chandani , 22 Aug 2020
Jaysn Feature Image
Jasminder Singh a.k.a Jaysn

Today, the internet is a massive expanse for content creators like food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers. However, Motovlogging has started to gain more and more interest over time. This is essentially a vlog of the creator recording his or her ride and editing it in an entertaining fashion. Many motovloggers in India such as Mohammed Salim Khan a.ka. MSK and Ogden Fernandes a.k.a Oggy F are increasingly gaining popularity. A pioneer in the biking industry, Jasminder Singh a.k.a Jaysn is a motovlogger who has inspired many and creates content that never ceases to entertain! He is an entrepreneur who started his own YouTube channel called JS Films in 2013. He has the fascinating ability to engage with his audience with his desi style and quirky personality. Indeed, he knows how to keep his fans entertained and hooked to his content.

Jaysn‘s journey to fame

The story of Jaysn‘s journey is nothing short of inspiring! Coming originally from an ordinary middle-class family, he started off by working at his father’s mechanic shop. Nevertheless, today, Jaysn is the proud owner of numerous superbikes that are enjoyed by his massive fanbase. He has additionally been the quickest moto vlogger to accomplish a million subscribers.

Jaysn with his family (Source: Jaysn)
Jaysn with his family (Source: Jaysn)

Why is his YouTube channel so unique?

JS Films is Jaysn‘s first YouTube channel and its content covers adventurous trips on his many bikes, biking lifestyle, custom motorcycles, bike reviews, and store visits and launches. He has over 375M views on the channel! In addition, in the 2020 edition of his popular calendar series, JS Films Calendar Launch, Jaysn featured the most extraordinary locations in front of over two thousand bike enthusiasts on his Suzuki Hayabusa.

Jaysn‘s unbeatable conquests

Jasminder has dominated numerous challenging landscapes with his superbikes across India. He is also the first individual to ride his Hayabusa to an altitude that is feared by most bikers to ride on, in Ladakh. Thereon, he has dared to conquer unexplored areas because of the harsh, demanding climate throughout the year. These include Dhanaulti, Manali, Shimla, Spiti, and North Sikkim.

He also intends to ride through the Killar Kishtwar Road, located at 6500m above sea level. This is viewed as one of the most troublesome territories for biking.

The Much Admired Kawasaki Ninja 2

Also tested by M.S.Dhoni, Jaysn recently purchased the rarely available, 750 cc Kawasaki Ninja 2 bike. Priced at 40 lakh rupees, this purchase consequently created a significant craze among the greatest biking networks in India and over the world. Interestingly, the unveiling of Jaysn‘s new superbike was considered to be one of the grandest unveilings of a superbike in the presence of a massive audience by a YouTuber in the world.

Jaysn Nation—His New YouTube Channel

Two months ago Jaysn launched his second YouTube channel, Jaysn Nation which features a large variety of content ranging from game streaming, vlogs, to exciting unboxing videos!

We are extremely inspired by Jaysn‘s story and growth as an entrepreneur and YouTuber. We cannot wait to see what more content he has in store for us, especially on this new YouTube channel!

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