Everyone’s been talking about Amazon Prime Video‘s original series Bandish Bandits. It features Ritwik Bhowmik as Radhe and Shreya Chaudhry as Tamanna but also boasts of a brilliant supporting cast like Naseeruddin Shah, Sheeba Chadha, and Atul Kulkarni. I got talking to Ritwik and Shreya about their entire experience and how it was to work with such veterans.

Speaking about the same, Shreya said:

They are the core of Bandih Bandits. Were really lucky to have gotten to work with them. We’ve learnt so much from them be it off set or on set. And, the most exciting thing about working with all of them was that through the show they would see us performing a way. Either in a scene or the final edit or something. That was something that excited me that oh, they’re going to watch me perform. These are people I’ve grown up watching and appreciating. And so, finally they’re going to see me work. So I was excited but also very nervous until I met them. And they were so warm that we kind of got eased into the situation. They never let us feel like this is a big deal that you’ve to treat it like any other scene. A lot of people asked us whether we were scared, but I’d say we were not scared because of the people that they are but the body of work they’ve done till now is why there’s so much pressure. So, imagine being in that energy and being able to experience the magic that they create.

Ritwik said:

The first time I heard Naseeruddin Shah was going to play my grandfather I was like, uhoh, did i make a mistake? Are you sure you want me to play Radhe? The kind of love and reverence we have for their work is the main reason why we feel intimidated or nervous. But I told myself that you need to go on set and make sure that all of these people are just co actors. But the moment I land up on set, I see these legends and I’m like arrey gaye yar. These guys are so huge and so good. But they made sure that we become a part of the team. They never ever treated us like newbies and treated us like equals. And that immediately makes you feel like it’s going to be simple from here on.How did you like Bandish Bandits?