Influencers tend to put out so much quality content every day with the sole intention of entertaining the audience. Moreover, we see a lot of them collaborate with one another for funny videos or even music tracks. Over the last few years, multiple influencers have featured together and their on-screen chemistry left us shook! Watching them together in mesmerizing songs and videos really makes us fall for the idea of love. How do they make it look so seamless? I guess we will never know! However, we do know which onscreen influencer pairs to look for in order to receive your daily dose of love!

Here they are:

1. Faisal Shaikh a.k.a Mr. Faisu and Jannat Zubair

Mr Faisu and Jannat are the most talked about onscreen pair solely because of their awesome chemistry! They have featured in multiple music videos together and their pairing in itself has a huge fanbase. Since they are so comfortable with each other, the fans have come up with a ship name for them called #fainat and this hashtag has gained unparalleled momentum.

2. Prajakta Koli and Be Younick

We have forgotten about how long we’ve been rooting to watch Be Younick and Prajakta on screen together. The kind of easy-going and seamless vibe they have in their videos together is so much fun to watch. They are definitely one of our favourites!

3. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar

They create such cute as well as funny videos together, we simply can’t get enough! They are particularly one of our favourite on-screen pair, not only because their chemistry is so good but also because their content is really relatable. Moreover, both of them are talented dancers and often sizzle the dance floor together with their awesome moves.

4. Tanzeel Khan and Ashi Khanna

Ashi and Tanzeel are a part of the popular creator group called DamnFam. They recently starred in a romantic music video together and we can’t get over how adorable they looked ons creen. The video was overall beautiful, however, we couldn’t take our eyes off this beautiful onscreen pair even for a minute!

5. Anam Darbar and Sunny Chopra

Anam and Sunny have been friends for a really long time and we can see how comfortable they are with each other in all their videos. Be it comedy videos or romantic, they can literally nail any genre together. We absolutely love how they always keep pulling pranks on each other.

6. Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur

#Sidneet is one on-screen pair we can never get over! They literally created magic together on the sets of Aladin and they now have a huge fanbase that prays to watch them alongside each other again. Moreover, they have also starred in multiple music videos together. Have you seen a pair cuter than they are?

7. Afsha and Jubin Shah

This real-life couple looks so amazing onscreen. They have collaborated for multiple music videos and we absolutely love how their presence compliments each other so beautifully. Also isn’t it adorable that Jubin always addresses Afsha as her ‘queen’?

8. Mrunal Panchal and Anirudh Sharma

Mrunu and Anirudh literally define a ‘couple goals’ for us! Not only because they are dating IRL, but also because they look so cute together in all the videos they make together. Their new track ‘Tom Cruise’ is releasing soon and we can’t wait to watch the fire they create on-screen.

9. Faiz Baloch and Shifu Memon

The content Shifu and Faiz create together is really heart-warming. Be it pictures or videos, they always manage to create a touching presence online. They keep posting pictures with each other often on Instagram and we bet all the #Team07 fans are loving it!

So here’s everyone we think that blew us away with their fiery on-screen presence and we can’t wait to see more from them. Which pair is your favourite?

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