5 TikTok Sensations Share What They've Been Up To Since The Ban

Khushi Chandani , 25 Aug 2020
Geet, Abheshek Garg, Shivani Kapila (Source: Geeta, Instagram | @dapperlytamed @littlegloves_aka_shivani)
Geet, Abheshek Garg, Shivani Kapila (Source: Geet, Instagram | @dapperlytamed

Two months ago, towards the end of June, the internet was taken by storm with the news of a ban on 59 Chinese apps and websites in India. One of these many apps was none other than TikTok. This is a social networking service that allows video creation and sharing. There is no doubt that a massive chunk of the Indian youth enjoyed the app and many also gained a lot of popularity through their viral dances and challenges. It essentially made celebrities out of young people that had talent and simply connected with their audiences. Most of the following TikTok stars spent over 2 years to build their profiles and gain a following and all of that simply vanished overnight. Find out what 5 such innovative and captivating content creators are up to today and how the ban impacted their lives professionally and emotionally. Here they are…

1. Shivani Kapila: The dance enthusiast

TikTok has been of enormous help. The smallest of the videos went viral. It was a platform to showcase the latent talent and made us celebrites overnight. All one needed to do was think of a topic on which one could act and post on TikTok, and they would gain love, followers and what not.
When TikTok made an exit from my life, I was taken aback and it took me some time to absorb this news as 2 years of hard work suddenly vanished. Since then, I have kept myself motivated and have made sure to be active on social media but when it comes to a different short video platform, I am struggling to find the right platform to establish myself on.

2. Abheshek Garg: The fashion icon

Post TikTok, I have been trying to sink in the fact that the platform is not around. I have started working on my YouTube channel and started making videos on Reels as well. However, I have not found any other platform as inclusive as TikTok. One of the major differences is that the algorithm of TikTok was phenomenal which was behaviour based and keeps the connection between user and the app very strong. Secondly the app had amazing video editing features unlike all the other apps. Thirdly it was user friendly and the UI made it very easy for creators and users to connect which was a huge plus point.

3. Geet: The face of motivation and positivity

In my life away from social media, I am a social worker. I go into the slums in India and work with children. For me, my videos on TikTok were an extension of this work, allowing me to help even more people across India. And especially after the pandemic, when social distancing has made physically going into slums impossible, TikTok played a vital role in providing the means by which I could continue to spread positivity.

Life after the TikTok ban has been challenging, to say the least. For the past year, and especially since the start of the pandemic, my primary focus had been to help people by posting motivational and educational content on TikTok. And overnight, the 11 million fans I had garnered on the platform through countless hours of hard work, virtually disappeared. A few thousand followed me to other social media applications, but a majority said they did not use these other apps for their own reasons. So, with the TikTok ban, my work of teaching and motivating millions of Indians has been greatly hindered.

Since the ban, I have been focusing on creating longer form of content for my Indian audiences on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But, honestly, it has not been the same. Many people say that good content will be appreciated on any platform, and while that is true to some extent, I have not found any other application that provides the same level of organic reach as TikTok. So, even if creators create amazing content, putting forth that content before a large audience is not a simple task.

The reach of TikTok videos was, and remains, unparalleled in my opinion. TikTok videos not only received organic growth on the platform itself but were also very easily sharable. Many of my TikTok videos received thousands of shares and thus also spread organically across the internet on a variety of platforms.

4. Mahesh Kapse: The artist

TikTok was like a family to me. My portrait videos started trending on TikTok and my work was also appreciated by Bollywood celebrities such as Riteish Deshmukh, Remo D’Souza among others. I started getting more and more portrait orders because of my TikTok videos. People in my village started recognizing me. I felt more alive. When I saw the ban message, I felt like my God was taken away from me. One thing I know for sure, my life won’t be same again without TikTok.

5. Arman Rathod: The man with a dream to dance

Before joining TikTok, I was a daily wager. I became active on TikTok during the lockdown and in no time, my videos were a huge hit. My dreams were finally coming true. I received calls to choreograph Bollywood movie songs and appear on TV dance shows as well. I felt like I was finally doing what I was born to do. TikTok changed my life completely. I am deeply saddened with the ban as I lost over 5 million followers overnight. My life was completely dependent on the platform and now with TikTok not being there, I am struggling to get back with my life both emotionally and financially.

TikTok has evidently been a great platform with a massive reach so there was something for everyone.  There is absolutely no doubt that the ban has impacted these individuals’ lives in every way possible and are facing emotional and financial hardships. With the help of this piece, we hope they garner as much love and viewership as they deserve because they’re all such fantastic creators.  We truly wish them all the luck in the world and we’re sure, they will rise to the occasion and soon be as popular on other platforms as TikTok!

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