For years, people have tried to dominate the lives of women in one way or another. It’s the year 2020, and some of us continue to be bombarded with unsolicited advice on how to live our lives. It’s bizarre that people have so much to say about a woman’s life. How to dress, how to talk, how to eat, when to get married, what to do at your job, when to have kids.. the list could go on. Speaking from an Indian girl’s perspective, comments about most of these issues are delivered with so much mindlessness, it makes me wonder if people ever really pause for a second and think before talking. For most of us, tuning out such comments has been the ultimate saviour. But its also an absolutely normal emotion to experience wanting to pull your hair out when people talk smack to you!

Ahead, we give you a list of common comments women are tired of hearing and if you’re someone who’s guilty of making them, you know what to do!

25 women list down the most annoying comments they just cannot put up with:

1. Alisha Fernandes

OMG, your arms and legs are so hairy. Time to get waxed!

2. Natasha Patel

I think your upper lip would give any man a run for his money.

3. Pooja Maheshwary

Your bra strap is showing.

4. Saania Hava

Why are you being such a feminist?

5. Akansha Harmalkar

You’re a girl, sit properly!

6. Sakshi Kore

What do you mean you don’t ever want to get married? Are you crazy? You’ll go to waste!

7. Nelly Wadia

Either she has slept her way to the top or she’s just extremely lucky!

8. Aishwarya Marimuthu

You can do whatever you want once you get married and your husband allows.

9. Uttkantha Sindhwani

Boys will be boys!

10. Sheena Makharia

You should have your first baby before 30, you know? Biologically, its always better for a woman. Also don’t you want to be a young mother when your child grows up?

11. Mrinal Bhat

Pay some attention at home!

12. Reena Singh

Don’t put on weight. A girl should always be slim and beautiful.

13. Jahnavi Patel

You like and understand cricket? Very rare for a girl to like a sport.

14. Divya Sethi

Damn! Your drinking capacity is too high for a girl!

15. Pallavi Manoj

But why do you need to work? Your dad has money and when you get married, your husband will have money.

16. Karishma Govil

Good news kab dogi?

17. Azka Shaikh

Girls should learn how to compromise

18. Aditi Joshi

Why don’t you apply fairness cream?

19. Shvetz Mulik

Why are you in a bad mood? Are you on your period?

20. Kanupriya Agarwal

You’re so dark, who will marry you?

21. Indrani Dey

Oh your husband helps you so much at home? You are so lucky!

22. Kavita Biswas

You should learn to cook. No matter how much you study, at the end of the day, you’re going to have to look after the house only!

23. Deeksha Pandey

Oh! It’s a lady driver, be careful!

24. Suruchi Patwary

You need to watch your diet, you’re gaining weight.

25. Aryana Dalal

Are you sure you can travel home alone? Should I drop you?

Women all over the world will agree, it’s time to stop giving us your opinions that we never asked for! Ladies have you received more such derogatory comments that have annoyed you? Tell me in the comments below!

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