Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli announced this morning that they are expecting a child. We just gushed about how we couldn’t get enough of them as a couple and now we won’t stop gushing about them as parents. This means that we’re in for some excellent sartorial choices from Anushka. I can’t wait to see what magic she and stylist Allia Al Rufai weave together. You’d think that pregnancy would mean boring maternity wear but it poses no hindrance what so ever to celebrities. And because not all of us are lucky to have stylists to help navigate the muddy waters of maternity wear, we decided to put together a list of clothes that you ladies could explore during your pregnancies as well. Are you ready to achieve that effortlessly-chic maternity style that you often see your favourite celebrities in?

Before we begin, I want to leave with a few tips on how to shop smart during your pregnancy:

  • You need to buy underwear with good support. Your body is going to gradually change and your undergarments need to support this change.
  • Stray true to your style even during your pregnancy. If you’re the kind who loves wearing fitted clothes then don’t shy away from those options during your pregnancy.
  • Dress for your shape; all pregnant women’s bodies differ. Pay attention to what makes you feel most sexy and comfortable and roll with that.
  • Buy/invest in clothes with an adjustable waistline like leggings, joggers, wrap dresses etc. Because you know you’re body is going to keep changing through this process. Trying to meet its demand at every step of the way might become really expensive and challenging. Shop smart.
  • Buy soft, breathable fabrics. You’re going to feel warm ever so often so don’t buy anything that is going to make you feel scratchy and warm.
  • Buy shoes one or two sizes bigger or better yet, stick to sandals, your feet are going to swell up as well.

Let’s move onto the options we would love to see pregnant women and Anushka Sharma wear:

1) Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a great way to add length to your body. It’s comfortable and airy and perfect to wear to any upscale event. There’s plenty of fabrics to choose from and a wide range of styles you can try as well. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Anushka in one of these. I know she likes more classic pairings but I would love to see her in a fun print with bright colours like this Studio Verandah dress below.

2) Kaftan Set

While the kaftan silhouette is all the rage during pregnancy, you can style yours with a twist. Team it with a pair of soft cotton, ankle-length pants. The best part about this set is that when you’re too hot on some days, you could just step out in the kaftan top itself. It’s a great investment to make because you get to wear it in so many ways. I would even pair it with a flowy, maxi skirt. I especially love this Payal Singhal one because of the minimal use of many colours and how it makes the white pop. I’m imagining Anushka looking all kinds of chic as she dons this look, what do ya’ll think?

3) Jumpsuit

Love the symmetry and geometry of this Bodice by Ruchika Sachdev jumpsuit. I know it might be a pain to wear a jumpsuit what with losing control of your bladder and all. But look how minimal and chic this look is. And can you imagine that gorgeous baby bump in an outfit like this? Love the simplistic use of colour, the modest neckline and the hemline on this outfit. I can totally imagine Anushka nailing this look with sandals or sneakers.

4) Cape Jacket

Whenever I have a bad day when it comes to my outer appearance, I always turn to light layering and jackets. It’s like that security blanket that helps parts of me feel invisible. So, if you ever end up struggling with your pregnancy weight and feel frumpy, I assure you that a cape jacket will get you right out of that mood. Love the lightness and airy vibe of this Arpita Mehta jacket. I even like the dhoti style skirt and that could be a cool look for even a new mum like Anushka to pull off. You can wear this with a simple white tee and look chic too or skip out on the skirt and opt for comfy, PJ style pants. Since loungewear is a pretty big deal atm.

5) Blazer

If you’re ever looking to up the ante of any basic outfit, look no beyond the blazer. Start with the basic colours if you don’t like to experiment much but if you have a hankering for mixing it up then opt for something like this Dhruv Kapoor blazer. Pair it with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts or even dresses. Blazers go with pretty much anything and any mood you’re experiencing. We’ve seen Anushka rock the androgynous vibe before, so it would come as no surprise to us if she does so during her pregnancy as well.

6) Stretchy Trousers

Let’s not even try to pretend that we don’t all already own a pair of these. The pants are like a cross between sweats and trousers, so you won’t end up looking sloppy. You could get them in fun prints like this Deme by Gabriella pair or opt for solid colours that will last you through seasons. Pair this with an oversized boyfriend shirt or just borrow your husband’s shirt and roll the sleeves up. I picture Anushka styling this look with dainty gold necklaces and hand stacks. It’s the perfect look to lounge around the house in or even to just casually step out for a meeting. Although, if you’re chilling a home then wear it with a soft tee instead.

7) Paper-Bag Waist Pants

These Bhaane pants are great to accentuate a baby bump and can also be worn just as easy post-pregnancy. The belt on the waistline can be tightened as much as you want because the entire point is to create the rough ends of a paper bag. Wear this with a tee, a tank top or even a nice, pussy-bow blouse to create a juxtaposition of androgynous elements. Neutral colours will always stay trendy no matter the time of year so I’d suggest investing in colours that you could wear in the future as well. We’ve seen Anushka wear similar pants from her own brand Nush as well in the past.

8) Oversized Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is definitely something a woman should add to her basic wardrobe. Right now, pastel jackets are very on-trend but if you want one that remains seasonless then invest in denim. I really love Babbu The Painter‘s artwork on denim jackets and I can imagine Anushka wearing a real radical theme like this one in the future. Do ya’ll agree? Wear denim-on-denim or pair it with a maxi dress for a bohemian vibe

9) Wide-Leg Pants

Not a single woman I know would turn down the opportunity to wear comfy pants. If we all had access to soft and stylish pants, we would be in these 24 x 7. These Payal Khandwala pants in powder blue with daisy flowers are super elegant and can be paired with a white polo neck or a shirt in a solid, opposing colour. I can imagine Anushka looking even leaner than usual in this kinda ensemble.

10) T-shirt Dress

Of course, we all turn to the t-shirt dress regularly. I sport this look even to work and I often pair mine with a blazer or an oversized denim jacket. I love how versatile this item can be and how it can be dressed up or down based on your need. You can wear it as a dress, or with jeans, trousers, shorts and even skirts. I imagine Anushka would need a decently long one given how tall she is and that a baby bump would naturally take the length of your clothes up a few inches. Make sure you keep this in mind before buying your self anything during this time. I do feel a T-shirt dress like this Huemn one will stand the test of time and is something that you can wear post-pregnancy too.

11) Matching Co-ord Set

Cute co-ord sets always make for great visuals. Love this white bishop sleeved top with a wide yoke and a skirt with matching embroidery. It has a holiday feel and looks great too. I would imagine Anushka wanting a longer, more midi-style of a skirt for her. But I could be wrong and she might just wear this Hemant and Nandita look as is because it is so beautiful. It would be fun to style this look with straw accessories and espadrilles for comfort.

What look would you like to see Anushka Sharma wear? Let me know in the comments below.

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