5 Common Headache-Related Questions Answered By An Expert

Pooja Maheshwary , 27 Aug 2020
Man Suffering From Headache By 9nong | www.shutterstock.com
Man Suffering From Headache By 9nong | www.shutterstock.com

How often do we suffer from headaches and pop a pain killer to numb the sensation of pain? Too often, right? According to the WHO, headaches are the most common disorders of the nervous system!

So, we invited Dr Raashi Khatri Panjabi, MD-Orofacial Pain, Headaches, and TMJ Disorders, to host an Ask Me Anything session for Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook. Dr Raashi says,

We should focus on treating and completely curing the headaches by addressing the root of the problem.

Why do we feel pain; how to relieve, treat and cure temple headaches, pain at the back of your neck, pain on your eyebrows, or pressure on your eyes; what to do when you wake up with a headache, get headaches when under the sun or after drinking coffee, or feel sharp shooting electric pains on one side of your face—she answered all these questions and more!

Q. How can I relieve acidity-induced headaches?

Often migraines are accompanied or preceded by nausea, acidity and even vomiting. However, it would be incorrect to say that acidity starts migraine. There are several system conditions like hyperthyroidism, gastritis, gut inflammation, food intolerance, and in some cases even Fibromyalgia wherein hyperacidity is marked with a terrible headache, body ache, and muscular pains amongst other symptoms. For these, a correct diagnosis is key to treatment. Taking an antacid is counterintuitive as it subdues the symptom of acidity temporarily but doesn’t cure you permanently. For starters, eat small regular balanced meals and evaluate if there is any systemic issue contributing to the acidity.

Q. I always have headaches when I venture out in the sun. Also, many times I wake up with a severe headache. Can this be cured?

If you are getting them at the top of your head or at the back of your head while stepping out in the sun, they may have a muscular source caused due to tightness in the neck muscles that support your head. However, if you feel the headache near your temples, above your eyebrows or around the eyes, chances are that the sun is affecting your frontal sinuses and triggering a headache. It is essential you realise that during migraines, sensitivity to light also increases. To know what is the exact headache you are suffering from will give you the right solution. Please don’t hesitate from going out in the sun. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D3 and also produces happy hormones in our body.

Q. I get migraines from almost everything—loud voices, heat, anxiety, when I oversleep or spend a sleepless night, after afternoon naps, due to hunger, etc. How can I relieve the pain without taking a pill?

Pills, especially non-specific painkillers, are not the solution to headaches. Our body produces pain, including headaches, as a protective mechanism to draw our attention to what needs to be looked after. When we take a painkiller, we just numb the sensation but are not addressing the root cause. I strongly suggest that you get a thorough evaluation done. For starters, list the onset, location, duration, frequency, intensity, quality (throbbing vs deep dull ache), alleviating factors, worsening factors, etc. These will help you figure out your headaches better.

Q. I get sudden shooting headaches after spending long hours on the laptop or mobile screen. How can I avoid such headaches?

Fatigue in the eyes and muscle compression in the neck and the back of your head muscles can trigger shooting headaches. I would strongly suggest evaluating the chair you use. Watch your posture to make sure you are not sitting in a forward-head posture. Tuck your chin in. Stretch often. Use zero number blue-light-cutting spectacles to avoid eye fatigue. Hydrate often. Make sure you are getting enough electrolytes—nimboo pani is a great option. Also, make sure you use hot water on the neck, shoulder, and the back of your head when you have a bath.

Q. I get headaches before my periods, can you suggest something to relieve them?

It’s most likely a hormonal migraine. Many women get them 2-3 days before their period. Progesterone fluctuations usually lead to these headaches. There are treatments to reverse hormonal headaches without having to take hormonal supplements. Increase your Vitamin B12 and folic acid intake in the days before your period. You would do wonderfully on abortive migraine treatment as well.

Is there something you would like to know about managing headaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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