Investing in basics is the key to owning that perfect ensemble for every occasion. From that point, you begin to grow your accessory closet because what better way to turn a simple outfit into a head-turner. Throw on a few of those stand-out/ statement accessories and you’re ready to be papped. While I understand that that most of us turn to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for daily wear it can feel monotonous. Truthfully I never tire of my basic black tee and my fave blue jeans. But by swapping out jewellery, bags and shoes one is able to maintain the illusion of an ever-changing wardrobe.

I mean, this is a great way to dress exactly the way you want without the added pressure of not repeating clothes. So all you have to do the next time you go shopping is keep an eye out for interesting accessories that will take you from drab to fab in minutes. Scroll on for some accessory suggestions.

Here’s a list of 9 accessories that’ll make your jeans pop:

1) Mules

If you wanted to really make those blue jeans or black jeans pop then these mules would do exactly that. The illusion of pointy pumps means it would even be perfect for those wide-leg jeans too. Of course, you get mules in different styles and colours but the reason I’d pick them is because of the chunky heel. It lends support and looks great with any outfit as well. If you don’t like the colour you can opt for tan or black mules as you would get more wear from those colours.

2) Sneakers

I am a sneaker girl all the way, I wear my sneakers with not just dresses but my gowns as well. I simply prioritise my comfort above all and want to look stylish all the same. A nice pair of colourful sneakers would do the trick to up any plain old look thrown together with jeans. Again if you aren’t a fan of the colour you can opt for solid colours sneakers or even the classic white pair.

3) Ankle Boots

While living in Mumbai feel like a hopeless situation because of the weather. You don’t have to worry about looking out of place in your thigh-high boots. Simply opt for booties that end at the ankle and one’s you can tuck your jeans into seamlessly. You instantly have an attention-grabbing look in place without sticking out like a sore thumb. It would be cool to own a snake print shoe or even a basic tan and black bootie would work.

4) Sunglasses

Did you end up having a rough night? or did you simply just not sleep enough. Just throw on a pair of sunglasses with the darkest tint and in the largest size and you’re instantly celebrity material. Have you never seen celebs in their basic jeans, Starbucks cup in hand looking all nonchalant and chic? That’s the vibe to channel.

5) Handbag

There’s not a single woman who’s ever stepped out of her home without a bag. It’s like the holy grail of wardrobe-essentials. If you’re like me and like to carry around your entire life in a bag then you need to get yourself a tote bag STAT. And if you fall on the other end of the spectrum and only like small bags that allow you more freedom of movement. then you can opt for a sling bag. Either way, any kind of bag would work to elevate your jeans.

6) Belt

One of the biggest problems women have to deal with when buying jeans is the fit. Most of the times you find a pair that fits super well on the waist and hips but falls flat closer to the feet or vice-versa. But if you’re experiencing the latter which is a great fit on the bottom and a strange fit around the waist, there’s an easy fix to that. Just get yourself a nice belt that will cinch your waist in and actually draw attention to it as well. I love black belts with statement buckles or a slinky tan belt like this one. See how it instantly makes the girls look more polished with even a basic white shirt? I rest my case!

7) Statement Earrings

I love statement earrings because of how they peek through my cascading hair. Yes, I have cascading hair when my hair is washed. No, I don’t look like that during quarantine. Earrings have been my go-to accessory to perk up my post-work, basic blue jeans drinks look. I actually walk around with a pair handy in my bag at all times. You never know when you need to show up with your best foot forward. So its always best to be prepared.

8) Stacked Bracelets

There is an art to wearing stacked bracelets without them looking tacky. It’s the mixing of styles and layering them just the right amount. You could pick one statement cuff and then add on gold or silver bracelets. It’s also an art to mix metals but the best way to learn is through trial and error and photographing your entire look. You get to see the visual appeal and also see which of the bracelets aren’t working in tandem with the rest. This is guaranteed the best way to serve up your look with jeans.

9) Hair Accessories

Ladies, don’t ignore your hair. There’s a lot you can do to experiment with it especially if you aren’t the kind who experiments with styles and colour. I have the tendency to wear my hair straight but a really simple way to dress my hair up would be to add clips or statement bobby pins, a scarf or even a headband. Hairbands have made a comeback and it looks like they might stick around post COVID too. These accessories are a great way to wear a basic tee with jeans but still walk into a room looking turnt up.

What are some of the accessories you use to make your jeans stand out? Let me know in the comments below.

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