A needless statement to start this blog with, but, Instagram has really opened up a floodgate for artists to get their work recognised. There’s a mammoth of art to look forward to almost every day and it’s one of the qualities about this platform that makes it all the more interesting to use. That being said, I have an affinity for comics and thanks to IG I follow a bunch of webcomic artists whose artwork I practically get lost into for hours. Scrolling through their work is my favourite bedtime activity. Somehow, these short comics really help me decompress and allow me to get rid of whatever’s stressing me. If you’re someone who is as interested in webcomics as me, ahead, I have put together a list of 5 artists that need your attention ASAP.

1. The Awkward Yeti

Yes, we’ve all heard our “inner voice”, but have you ever imagined your brain and your heart indulging in an actual conversation? Well, Nick Seluk is the artist behind The Awkward Yeti who puts onto paper, or screen in this case, the small talks our internal organs have. It wouldn’t hit you that your brain and heart are actually always conversing about a million things—big or small, but the comics by TAY will make you go “OMG yes! All the time”! They’re supremely relatable, really well-thought and well-executed.

2. Poorly Drawn Lines

Poorly Drawn Lines are quite literally poorly drawn comics that will still manage to steal your attention, effortlessly. Artist Reza Farazmand visualises the world of fauna and gives them a comical twist with his basic but supremely cute illustrations. What’s interesting is he adds a human touch to these animals and gives them humanly problems and humanly jokes for you to giggle at. Whether it’s a rat ranting about somebody drinking his coffee or a pigeon taking pride in owning a personal stone island in the middle of a waterbody—could be a lake or a puddle, Poorly Drawn Lines will keep you engaged for hours together.

3. Buni

Ryan Pagelow is an author and a comic artist whose comics revolve around a fictional character named Buni (pronounced as bunny). The artist portrays Buni‘s everyday life which is a mix of poignance and humour. But what makes Pagelow‘s work stand out is the fact that his comics are dialogue-free. His visuals are minimal but self-explanatory and not to forget, cute. Buni‘s life is surrounded by teddy bears as people and circles a lot around food. Ever so often, the artist has sole food comics up on his feed as well.

4. Sarah Andersen

Sarah Anderson‘s comic strips are a depiction of her own life. She takes pride in all the awkward and embarrassing habits that make her who she is and illustrates them out in 2 colours—black and white. She brings to her feed every little emotion she experiences, the playful life of millennials and Gen Z and more. And while her work has an abundance of humour, it’s also quite relatable and normalises the minor, awkward moments we as humans tend to get embarrassed of.

5. Wawawiwa

Andrés J. Colmenares is the artist behind Wawawiva—a virtual, visual hug that also leaves you with tickles you experience from giggle. His words, not ours! And that’s an accurate description of Colmenares‘ art. It’s light and will inject some laughter and positivity in your life. He takes inspiration from anything and everything—food, objects, humans, animals. You name an object and he has a comical artwork ready in relation to it. His comic strips aren’t preachy, but they do compel you to look at life in a more humorous and positive light. Whether it’s a whale and goldfish admiring the stunning night sky or the earth and the sun playing peak-a-boo to represent day and night, Wawawiwa is definitely worth hours of your time!

Which of these comic artists will you be following? Tell me in the comments below! And if you know of any more such artists, do tell us in the comments section.

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