Dream Trousseau Collection | (Source: Instagram | @anjulbhandari, @sabyasachiofficial)
Dream Trousseau Collection | (Source: Instagram | @anjulbhandari, @sabyasachiofficial)

The usual wedding seasons aren’t in full bloom as compared to before, and I may not be getting married anytime soon, but a girl can always dream, right? While the idea of marriage might seem daunting, the process of the ceremonies, elaborate decor and stunning outfits have always excited me. Scrolling through the many talented Indian designers Instagram page and seeing celebrities draped in their remarkable designs, I can’t help but virtually pick the outfits I wish to wear on my big day. Moreover, going a step further, I begin to think of all the shopping I get to do for my trousseau collection! If you enjoy buying and trying ethnic-wear as I do, this is less of a task and more of enjoyment.

The concept of a bridal trousseau is not exclusive to the Indian culture, it dates back to Victorian times. Diminutive from the French word trousse, which means bundle, it is a collection of new items a bride assembles for her life after the wedding. Back in the day, trousseau’s had a mandatory list of things that should be included in them. Your opulence was significant through the elaborateness and expensiveness of your collection. However, this has greatly evolved as hope chests have become branded suitcases, and brides have the flexibility to choose what to buy. This usually includes everything she would need for her post-marriage life ranging from a collection of new clothes such as sarees, kurtas, salwar suits, lehengas to jewellery and so on.

This is one tradition that I am all in for. Not being allowed to take any of your old clothes to your house after marriage is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe and go shopping!

Below is a checklist of Indian-wear I’d love to buy for my wedding trousseau:

1) Embroidered Saree

Sarees usually signify maturity and elegance in a woman, so wearing one as a fresh off the block bride seems fitting. I have always believed that selecting an appropriate design is key to making your appearance elegant and prevents you from looking older than you are. If you are a fan of wearing sarees, a collection of 8 to 10 in materials such as pure silk or georgette is apt for formal occasions.

You will find yourself being invited to several receptions, cocktails or fancy dinner parties for which you can look graceful by dressing in an embroidered saree. I have my eyes on this nude pink Chikankari embroidery design by Tarun Tahiliani. The semi-draped style makes it easy to wear if you are not a pro at tying one (guilty as charged). Additionally, with a Mukaish finish, you will shine just the right amount, radiating style and sophistication. For a heavier look, pair it with a crystal-encrusted blouse as the designer has, or you could alternatively keep it simple and let the embroidered work do all the talking.

2) Indo-Western

Bride or not, it is always important to be trendy and select different pieces that make you stand out from the ordinary ethnic wear available. An Indo-Western outfit is great to have as it gives a young and fashionable vibe. These are ideal for simpler wedding functions such as haldi or mehendi or even a mata ki chowki. Arpita Mehta‘s design of a yellow on yellow flared pants, flowy tunic and mirror jacket has the perfect amount of colour and embellishment to style up your look! It is also a great outfit option for when someone hosts a lunch or dinner in your honour. A pulled-back hairstyle and simple earrings are all you need to look fresh and chic.

3) Anarkali

Be it a family dinner, a dinner invite or even a wedding function—Anarkali suits are a must-have in your trousseau collection. They are adaptable to almost any function and are super comfortable to wear. Invest in some staple colours such as bright ones for celebratory occasions and neutral for all others. Moreover, since Anarkali‘s are a staple ethnic wear style, pick a design that is wearable over the years. Check out Anjul Bhandari‘s beautifully crafted blush pink ensemble with Lucknawi work. It is a refined and timeless suit that will never go out of style. This regal piece is going in my trousseau for sure!

4) Jumpsuit

Along with your share of formal dresses, remember to stock up on some simpler ones as well. You will need a go-to for when guests come in to meet the newlywed couple or for small casual events. While Kurtis is a favourite option, go a notch higher with a stylish jumpsuit. This rose orchard-print jumpsuit by Anita Dongre instantly caught my eye. It is breezy, feminine and comfy attire you can look tasteful in. Elevate it further with earrings or arm candy if required, but remember, simplicity is always the key to elegance. Being a new bride doesn’t mean you have to go all out with your attire, make-up and accessories.

5) Sharara Suit

Having an expanse collection of Indian wear styles in your trousseau is necessary. You don’t want to find yourself repeating the same cut or fitting for every event. Back in trend and popular more than ever is the sharara suits. A well-fitted top along with the sharara pants and a dupatta is a super stylish look I have been wanting to pull off. They range from heavier to simpler styles and look smart on newlywed girls. Sukriti and Aakriti‘s bohemian vibe sharara with floral embroidery and a pop of yellow is young and trendy. Also, the design and colour palette is evergreen which makes it repeatable. I can picture myself wearing this for a Ganpati Puja or family get-together.

6) Simple Lehenga

A trousseau without a Sabyasachi outfit? I don’t think that is possible! If a bridal lehenga by the maestro is not in your budget, don’t worry. Pick a simpler, more affordable outfit from his collection for your trousseau to fulfil your wish. They say brides should always wear vibrant colours, hence try to incorporate at least a few bright hues in your collection. My pick is this fuchsia pink, pure silk printed lehenga by Sabyasachi. Even though the entire outfit is in a single colour with a subtle print, the rich silk material and customary tiger emblem on the waist makes the lehenga stand out. A classy look to exude for small wedding functions, or even your first Diwali after marriage!

What is on your must-have clothing for your trousseau collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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