Tanzeel Khan and Aashna Hegde are two content creators who need no introduction. They are members of the popular creator group DamnFam and they have released their much-awaited music video ‘Befikar‘ today. This track is Tanzeel’s 4th musical release and it’s all about loving without any bounds. The music video is special for a lot of reasons, check out all the interesting deets right here!

Why is Befikar so special…

This song will truly ring a bell in your heart! Moreover, it is amazing to see that Tanzeel has completely composed the track himself and Aashna featured in the video as well as debuted as a singer. She has absolutely blown us away with her soulful vocals! The track depicts pure carefree love and hits you right in the feels. It was released on online platforms at 2:00 PM today afternoon and it has already garnered more than 100k views on YouTube. Moreover, it is beautifully stitched together in terms of visuals. If you are looking to see some scenic locations and a warm love-story, you have to check out this song.

Check out what they had to say about their ‘Befikar‘ experience

Here’s what Aashna has to say about her experience,

I was very nervous to record Befikar because it was the first time I was going to a studio to record a song. But after our first recording, Tanzeel encouraged me a lot. We also sent out our rehearsal file to my friends and family for their feedback and the response was overwhelming. I am very happy that I got this opportunity to explore a new avenue with Tanzeel. This song is very close to my heart because Tanzeel is one of my best friends and he had immense confidence in me that encouraged me to professionally record the song.

Check out what Tanzeel has to say,

It took us four-months to write, rehearse, record, edit and shoot this song. These five months have been very exciting as I was doing all of this with Aashna. She is one of my best friends and Befikar turned out to be exactly how I had imagined because of Aashna. Her voice and presence made every aspect of the song better. While shooting for the video, Aashna and I had a lot of fun. Befikar wouldn’t have been the same had it not been for Aashna. I’m glad that she chose Befikar for her singing debut.

We are absolutely in awe of the song and the gorgeous chemistry between the two creators. If you haven’t checked the song out yet, click here to watch their beautiful on-screen love!

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