Get Your Hands On These Face Masks To Be Safe In Style

Sakshi Kore , 31 Aug 2020
Wear face masks
Wear face masks

The world brought in 2020 with much gusto but who knew how the year was going to unfold. What started off as the mild flu turned out to be malignant that changed lives overnight. The start of a new decade was also the inception of a new reality. A reality no one could have possibly dreamt of. And with a new reality came a host of new rules and regulations that have become an indispensable way of living life. Social distancing is now a household word, but do you ever recall a time where you left your home without those face masks? And being in super close vicinity of one another? Feels strange, doesn’t it?

Speaking of, face masks have become an obligatory, an almost life-saving part of our daily lives. And if they have, why not have some fun with them? After all, the only way to get over COVID blues is to spruce it up with colours, designs, sequins and style. Of course, you can include all of that and more in your face masks, which is now more than just a face cover. It’s become a style statement and brands and designers from everywhere are designing masks that fun, quirky, elegant, chic—name a mood and you have one mask ready! On that note, ahead we put together a list of 7 ultra stylish masks you can get your hands on!

7 masks will keep you safe and chic:

1. Farah Sanjana

Farah Sanjana‘s masks are all things OTT and extravagant. The designer has face masks that feature an overload of pearls, beads, prints, mirror work and more. If you’re all about that glamour, Farah Sanjana‘s masks are your go-to!

2. Bloni

These metallic face masks by Bloni are super-cool for that shine! Apart from being good for the skin and the nature, these masks are an effortless way to stand out in the crowd, thanks to that metallic texture!

3. Vavci 

Nothing like a personalised face mask to up the ante of your outfit! Vavci makes the cutest masks in town with pastel colours. Additionally, they also customise these masks with your initials that are made by encrusted embellishments!

4. Shivan and Narresh 

If you’re about monochrome glamour, these face masks by Shivan and Narresh are your best friends. Made with heart-shaped sequins and beads, these masks are my absolute favourite. The designer duo also has masks that feature studs, floral prints, embroidery and more.

5. Payal Singhal 

Need a little something to drive away from ‘em blues? Payal Singhal‘s printed face masks in poppy and pastel colours with quirky prints will definitely make your day!

6. Label Nitya Bajaj

Nitya Bajaj‘s face masks are covered in daisies for the simple reason—to spread positivity during these unprecedented times. The masks come in colours like white and yellow and are adorned with black daisies and make you feel like its summer all over again!

7. Péro

Péro‘s face masks are skin-complementing, sustainable and uber-cute! Why? Have a look for yourself! First, they come in a variety of soothing colours. Second, they are designed in pretty prints. Third, they come with tassels adding that much-needed drama to your look! Why wouldn’t you stock up on these?

Which face mask did you like the most? Tell me in the comments below!

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