I always go giddy with excitement when I learn new things within the realm of the beauty world. Whether it be about a new skincare ingredient discovery and its benefits or a new beauty tool in the market that probably looks way too insane to use on your face, or like for this instance, having the Bobbi Brown spill the beauty beans and talks us through her makeup tips and tricks from the many, many years she’s been in the industry.

For Vogue India’s VBF 2020, Mira Rajput Kapoor had the honour of going LIVE with this makeup maestro in a guided tutorial that not only do I personally want to recreate but in fact, comes with dollops of beauty knowledge and pearls of makeup wisdom. Bobbi’s philosophy is simple—keep it real, keep it natural and use makeup to accentuate your features, not hide or cover them. Bobbi started the IG LIVE session with a quick chat with Mira where she said,

Makeup is not complicated, especially if you understand the basics and have the colours that are right for your skin. That’s the main thing!

And I couldn’t agree more! This LIVE was both fun and informative, and lucky enough for you I’m jotting down all the best pointers from their session, so scroll down to check it out!

#1. Prep skin before makeup

For Bobbi, moisturising the skin before your makeup application is very important. The moisture shouldn’t be too greasy or leave any residue.

Bobbi’s tip if you’ve to reapply: Touch your skin and see if it’s dry or need a lot more moisturising.

#2. Tinted moisturiser > Foundation

Why? Because you can see through the skin.

Bobbi’s tip to see if it’s the right colour: Apply it to the side of your face (near the cheek) and gently blend it. If it disappears, it’s the perfect shade.

#3. Use a pink-toned bronzer

Now, this tip is something even I didn’t know… How Bobbi put it, is that a lot of Indian women have yellow-ish undertones that sometimes start to look green, that’s when the pink bronzer comes in to counteract that tone.

#4. Concealer application

Bobbi’s tip while applying concealer: Make sure to go where the darkest area is. Which is usually in the recessed corners of the eye area to brighten it.

Remember that the concealer needs to be lighter than your foundation. Also, press/dab, never swipe.

Bobbi Brown and Mira Rajput Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @vogueindia)

#5. How to bring colour to your face

Taking a big fluffy brush and dip it into the blush palette, and then just smile, apply it to the apple of your cheek in a circular motion.

Bobbi’s tip: Apply the excess blush to the forehead, nose, chin, under the neck.

#6. Your fingers can blend your makeup

While we all know and love to use brushes when it comes to getting a more natural flush, Bobbi suggests not just using 1 finger to blend the product out (especially on the cheeks) but using all 4 fingers will give you an easy and blended look.

#7. For filling in the eyebrows

Bobbi’s tip:Use a slanted brush to apply the brow powder

#8. How to get a well-blended lid with an eyeshadow

Bobbi‘s tip: Start at the lash line and go out, and instead of blending, layer to give the eyes more definition.

#9. For an easy eyeliner application

Bobbi‘s tip: Start at the outside and go inwards. This technique allows you to apply the pencil liner heavier on the outer corners and as you go inward, it goes lighter.

#10. How to lift the lashes

Bobbi‘s tip: Swap out your usual mascara curler for your fingers instead. Once you apply 2-3 coats of mascara, take any 1 finger and hold it up against your lashes and slowly bend it upwards to really get a curled lash.

You can find the entire session here:

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