What Kirti Kulhari Is #CurrentlyWatching

What Kirti Kulhari Is #CurrentlyWatching

Suruchi Patwary

In this series, we bring to you your favourite celebrities’ current binge-watch list! So, if you’re looking for recommendations on what to watch next or want to know what genre your favourite celebrities are into and why they recommend it, these blogs will tell you just that.

Kirti Kulhari has become one of the leading names when it comes to actors breaking the textbook norms. She started her career with Khichdi: The Movie and kept on getting better. She’s worked alongside Amitabh Bachchan in Pink, gave some brilliant performances in Indu Sarkar, Blackmail, URI: The Surgical Strike, and Mission Mangal. And it’s not just the movies that she’s killing in, her performances in Four More Shots Please! and Bard of Blood are praiseworthy too. She’s also someone who’s been vocal about issues plaguing both the society and the film industry!


And so, we wanted to know what shows have been keeping Kirti Kulhari busy while she is following stay-at-home amid the pandemic. TBH, her recommendations are just too good and I am definitely going to choose one from it. Scroll down to check out her top 5 picks on what to watch next.

1. Daughters Of Destiny

Where: Netflix

The one documentary series that deserves a spot on everyone’s must-watch list is Daughters Of Destiny. It is available on Netflix and it is based on a school in Karnataka called Shanti Bhavan. It revolves around what all goes into teaching disadvantaged children. Education being denied to kids and girls especially is problematic and it continues in India sadly. Oscar-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth captured their plight and made a hard-hitting series that every Indian should watch.

2. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Where: Netflix

The other documentary that I’d recommend is Minimalism. This Netflix documentary revisits the many levels of minimalism by looking inside the lives of minimalists from various walks of life. It is quite interesting and it offers the key to decluttering life. Through Minimalism you get to watch a few Americans who’ve debunked the notion of happiness that has been propagated by a majority for a long time. These minimalists have nourished my perspective of living.

3. Our Planet

Where: Netflix

Through Our Planet, you can experience the earth’s natural beauty. The show looks into how climate change impacts all living creatures. This one should make it to your must-watch list. I would recommend to kids as well. Our Planet showcases the wildlife, oceans, and forests of places that are not accessible. When you watch such shows it makes you wonder about parts of the world we’re yet to discover and the things we’re yet to know.

4. Into The Wild

Where: Netflix

One of the best movies that resonated with me is the Netflix film Into the Wild. It is based on a true story about a young graduate, who renounces what a so-called civilised society has to offer him. Sometimes we overestimate the necessity of materialistic happiness. I think the story of this movie is that of a young urban Buddha from the West.

5. Chef’s Table

Where: Netflix

I thoroughly enjoyed Chef’s Table that has roped in the top chefs of the world to talk about their journey. It is inspiring to watch them share their struggles, discipline, and culinary talent. I’m a huge foodie and for anyone who loves food, this series is a visual treat. It shows how cooking as a vocation is so challenging and mentally stimulating. It’s an amazing series that captures how history, culture, traditions, and memories are preserved through food.

Which one of these recommendations by Kirti Kulhari do you plan to watch next? Let us know in the comments below.

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