Hate it or love it selfies are here to stay. With the rise of social media, it has only increased in popularity and become a normal part of our lives. I mean TBH, I must have about a billion selfies on my phone, what about you? Now with social media and the rise of beauty and fashion influencers, everyone’s always posting killer photos. It can almost seem like magic especially if you’re awful at it yourself. It’s sort of becoming an art form that can be tricky to get right at times. Let’s face it, there’s a lot to consider when taking the perfect selfie. Your pose, lighting angles and more. But what’s equally as important your makeup.

However, here’s the thing, it’s not actually magic! These skills are easily learnt and attainable, especially since we’re at an all-time high on interfacing on camera. Whether it’s Instagram, professional pictures or your zoom dates we all want to put our best face forward. Unfortunately, the case remains that even if we have a fabulous makeup look we want to document, the camera doesn’t always pick whats going on in real life. The key here is to adjust your makeup routine so it reads well on camera. Don’t worry we’re not telling you to change your routine drastically but make some tweaks that can make a huge difference on and off-camera. Take a look at our key makeup tips to help you nail your makeup and elevate your selfie game.

Scroll down below to check out few tips and tricks on how to look better in photos:

1. Prep & Prime The Skin

Many people often forget the most important and crucial step to makeup is skincare. Taking care of your skin from the get-go helps create a flawless base for makeup application for any situation or occasion. Nothing lights up more than a fresh radiant face that’s smooth and hydrated. So remember to moisturize and use SPF every day. The next key ingredient is to use a pore refining primer to minimize the appearance of pores and texture that can be amplified in front of the camera. Don’t want your makeup to budge? Try out this viral TikTok hack that involves setting your skincare with powder and setting spray before going in with your primer, foundation and concealer. This helps create a smooth canvas for your makeup application process.

2. Smooth Application

Never forget that the camera catches just about everything and every small flaw. This holds especially true if you use the back camera on your iPhone to take a selfie. That’s why it’s all about getting that smooth flawless makeup look and to get that you need to use the right tools to blend your makeup. Opt for more lightweight formulas and building your foundation in sheer layers only where needed, starting from the centre and out. Less is more in this case. Just because it’s in front of the camera does mean it should be applied heavier it’s quite the opposite. Going in with a heavy hand can lead to excess makeup that can even cause creasing and age you. For a smoother concealer application avoid tightly packed dense brushes and use a softer fluffy brush to buff it out. This will help create an airbrushed look without sacrificing coverage. Remember the mantra here is to blend, blend, blend!

3. Keep It Light

Avoid contouring if possible or go in with a super light hand. Heavy contour can age you and there are other ways to lift and sculpt your face. Strategically place your highlighter on the high points of your face and opt for a natural blush shade. A satin formula peachy blush is a great choice to instantly warm up your complexion and give you that happy glow. If you want a more snatched look to remember to sweep the blush across your cheekbones too. Plan on using the flash? Add a soft layer of bronzer to bring some warmth to your face to counteract the washed-out effect that happens in photos.

4. A Statement Feature

When creating a cohesive and seamless makeup look for your selfie, pick on a feature to focus on that will pop on screen. Don’t go bold on your lips and eyes, choose one. If you’re doing more closeup shots or under a bright light it can wash out the colour. So you can definitely go ahead and intensify the colours. Play around with vibrant eyeshadows in matte and shimmery finishes to help you boost the colours and amp up the drama. Don’t forget to add a further dimension to your eye and highlight the inner corner to make them pop!

5. Enhance Your Lips

To balance out your glam eyes choose a more subtle toned down lip colour. A well-executed lip can create a balanced and symmetrical look that gives an overall cohesiveness. Nude is always a safe bet but it can make thin lips disappear. A great option is to use a sheer lipgloss in a bright colour to enhance your lips naturally. But first, remember to hydrate your lips with a balm or lip mask while prepping your skin. No one likes dry chapped lips. Also avoid chunky glittery finishes that can bring attention to the texture on your lips, opt for a lightweight hydrating formula. The glossy finish catches and reflects light to make your lips look fuller and juicy.

6. The Brows

No, we didn’t forget about the brows. If the eyes are windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are the frames that add some structure. We’re in a phase where all the makeup trends lean toward natural and your brows are no exception. There’s no need to exaggerate them anymore. You can keep a fuller brow but don’t overdo it. Fill it with an eyebrow pencil to create hair-like strokes or fill them in with an eyeshadow just a hair lighter than your natural hair colour. This makes your brows stand out without looking too sharp and opaque. Finish off with a clear brow gel to make the hairs stay in place.

7. Lashes & Mascara

Time to pump up the volume with your favourite mascara. Define and enhance your lashes with multiple coats but be careful to avoid the spidery or clumpy effect. These are super amplified when taking photos. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before application and apply a waterproof formula to the bottom lashes to avoid smudging and smearing throughout the day. Feeling a little extra? Put on some false lashes to amp up your look but remember balance is key here. Opt for tapered or more natural lashes that enhance your eyes and eyeshadow look rather than taking over your entire face.

Did you find any of these selfie makeup tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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