Music is a global language and we totally agree! A song can be in any language but has the capacity to hit you right in the feels. Whenever we are feeling sad, happy, motivated, loved or any emotion for that matter, we always turn to music. Recently, there has been an influx of influencers featuring in music videos and we couldn’t be happier! Their amazing acting skills and chemistry matched with a soulful tune is literally all we need to get in the zone. So many beautiful songs came out in the month of August and here’s a list specially curated for you. After listening to these songs, you will fall in love with these talented influencers all over again.

Check them out!

1. Taweez Unplugged

A beautiful music video like this is perfect for a romantic evening with your bae! Moreover, it features the talented Jannat Zubair and Faisal Shaikh a.k.a Mr. Faisu. Their on-screen chemistry is swoon-worthy and the lyrics of this unplugged song will fulfil your daily dose of love. It has only been three days since the video released on YouTube but it has already garnered 7.5 million views.

2. Mausam

Mausam released two weeks back and took social media by storm! It features Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud from the popular creator group Teen Tigada. The music is extremely soulful and you will find yourself hooked to it in no time. Both of them are phenomenal actors and the video complimented the track so well.

3. Befikar

DamnFam members Tanzeel Khan and Aashna Hegde released their music video ‘Befikar‘ on the 31st of August and it’s already trending on No. 1 position on YouTube. This track was the perfect way to end our month because you won’t be able to stop listening to it! Moreover, it’s Aashna’s singing debut, we were absolutely blown away by her smooth vocals and their dynamic energy in the video.

4. Dil Yaara Ve

This song is nothing but a bundle of joy! This music video features the amazing Jumana Khan and Hasnain Khan and their on-screen chemistry is so pure. We are complete fans of the heart-touching lyrics and the high notes throughout the video.

5. Yaara

Yaara is a perfect depiction of what true friendship looks like. The music video represents a heart-warming friendship between Vishal Pandey and Bhavin Bhanushali. It strongly shows how true friendship has no boundaries and by the time the music video ends, we guarantee, you will surely be in tears!

6. Rap Ka Baap

You will be grooving to this fun rap song as soon as you hear it! The music video features AngryPrash and Nagma Mirajkar and it’s super quirky. Moreover, we loved the interesting visuals and graphics that complimented the vibe of the song perfectly.

7. Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam

This song released on the 10th of August and its an ode to true love. Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana have acted beautifully together and their chemistry is note-worthy. If you are planning to confess your love for someone, this is the perfect song to do it with, isn’t it?

8. Ro Ro Ke Guzre Din

We have spoken so much about love, now its time to speak about heartbreak! Every person goes through a heartbreak once in their lifetime and if that’s happened to you, you will connect with this song on a different level. The track features Adnaan Shaikh and Jumana Khan and they have done a beautiful job together. However, this is not just a sad song, it has a strong message about suicide prevention that they have tried and highlighted throughout the video.

Well, there you go! Here are all the songs that made their mark during the month of August and we still can’t stop grooving to them. Did we miss anyone out? Tell us in comments below.

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