No matter how much one achieves, every single one of us is inspired by somebody or the other. We look up to people for the kind of work they do or how they carry themselves. Everyone has role models. It could be someone from your family or friends and most commonly they are the people who are doing what you someday wish to do. They are the people you aspire to be. Especially in today’s day and age, we have so much access to the lives of well-known celebrities. We are all massive fans of these celebrities but so are our favourite influencers! Here are 12 influencers and content creators who have each revealed their celebrity crush!

1. Aashish Chanchlani Akshay Kumar

Ashish Chanchlani is one of India’s most popular and loved comedy content creators. With over 2o million subscribers on YouTube, it’s safe to say that he has many fans. But Ashish himself is the biggest fan of Akshay Kumar. During the promotions of Akshay Kumar’s movie, Gold, Ashish made a hilarious vine with the star, titled “When Ashish Chanchlani Met Akshay Kumar“.

2. Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. Mnv Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is one of India’s most gorgeous divas and so it would not come as a surprise to anyone that she is Manav’s biggest celeb crush! Deepika carries herself with so much grace and elegance, it would be impossible not to have a crush on her after watching her work! In fact, during the promotions of Deepika’s “Chhapaak“, the two of them shot some amazing videos and looked adorable together!

3. Mohammed Salim Khan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan crowned Miss World in 1994 has been described as a timeless beauty. The woman just gets more and more beautiful over time and her work remains topnotch. She is Mohammed Salim Khan, a.k.a. MSK‘s biggest celeb crush and we can see why!

4. Bhavin Bhanushali Ajay Devgn

Talk about following your passion and making your dreams come true! Bhavin went from being Ajay Devgn’s fanboy to becoming co-actors in the beautiful film, “De De Pyaar De”. Interestingly, Bhavin played the role of Ajay’s son in the movie and we can only imagine how amazing his experience was to be sharing the screen with his inspiration! Ajay Devgn may not be Bhavin’s “celeb crush” per se, but he sure is his role model!

5. Aadil Khan Kiara Advani

Dancing sensation, Aadil Khan has a huge crush on the gorgeous and radiant Kiara Advani. Kiara is making her way into the top of her game with some amazing performances. Imagine watching the two of them share the stage for an upbeat Bollywood number! Wouldn’t that be something?

6. Aashna Hegde Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh & Shawn Mendes

Aashna has quite a long list of celeb crushes but we see how difficult it would be to choose from these three incredible men. One of the most lively and charming actors on screen, Varun Dhawan has stolen every girl’s heart in India. Ranveer Singh, as everyone knows is a big ball of energy and it’s hard to get your eyes off of him when he’s on-screen. And of course, Shawn Mendes is a popular Hollywood singer with numerous hits and insane charisma. We couldn’t choose ourselves if we had to!

7. Sanket Mehta Ariana Grande

Sanket has a huge crush on Ariana Grande, one of the most popular young American singers. She has got her own unique style, not only when it comes to fashion but also in her music. We absolutely love her and see why Sanket does too!

8. Vishakha Fulsunge Hrithik Roshan

Vishakha, a.k.a. RiderGirl Vishakha, has a huge crush on Hrithik Roshan. Vishakha is a motovlogging sensation and nothing is more iconic than Hrithik’s bike scenes in the Dhoom franchise, so we can see why he is such an inspiration to her! We are sure that they’d have so many interesting things to talk about if they met. We sure are rooting for it!

9. Aditya Kumar Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa is Addy’s biggest celeb crush. The Indian model and actress has done some amazing work. She is absolutely gorgeous and also participated in Miss India in 2012 too.

10. Anmol Sachar Alexandra Daddario

Anmol Sachar’s biggest celeb crush is the stunning American actress, Alexandra Daddario. She has had some amazing performances and she’s widely known for her role in the Percy Jackson series.

11. Esshanya Maheshwari Hritik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is clearly a very popular choice for many. The charismatic star has stolen everyone’s heart with his insanely popular moves and amazing performances. His songs and roles are iconic, and Esshanya’s love for him is bursting out in this adorable video!

12. Abhishek Bajaj Akshay Kumar

When we think of action and fitness, the first name in any Bollywood enthusiast’s mind would be Akshay Kumar. A fitness enthusiast himself, Abhishek, a.k.a Humara Bajaj looks up to Akshay Kumar as a role model. In fact, Abhishek played the role of an athletic boy in the sequel of Dharma Productions’, Student Of The Year. It has been made abundantly clear why Akshay Kumar is such an inspiration to Abhishek!

Every influencer looks up to such interesting celebrities! All of them have a different niche and we love their work! Taking inspiration from role models is super motivating and it will always help in guiding you to achieve your goal!

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