Today is the day that we celebrate those who have taught us. They are the people who teach us to become the best versions of ourselves. They push us to achieve more than we think we can. The people who believe in us when we find it difficult to and they are the ones that we look up to most. These are our teachers. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the wonderful people who simply make the world a better place. As we celebrate education and academics, we’d like to talk about 3 young men with the vision of transforming education. They started a 100% digital university in India for new-age skills. Avalon Meta has been founded by entrepreneurs, Varun Mayya, Shashank Udupa, and Abhinav Arora, and here is all you need to know them.

All you need to know about these education-driven stars

They are 3 young entrepreneurs who are also education influencers and they are of the belief that there should be freedom in education. Education cannot and should not have any barriers and there should be no limitation to a learner. A learner does not necessarily have to be a student at school. It is anybody who wishes to gain more knowledge about something in specific. The passion and vision that these men share are what has brought them together today.

Varun Mayya

Varun has over 1 lakh followers on Instagram, and as an ed-influencer, he advocates skill-based education with gaming. Avalon Meta is his step towards the vision of having a more free education system. He spent a large part of his childhood with computers and took an interest in coding at the mere age of 11. By the time he was 13, he started designing his own video games. Varun had his first encounter with entrepreneurship in his first year of college at Manipal Institute of Technology. He started a small business to sell t-shirts and later moves on to work with Jobspire. He is one of the youngest people to raise venture capital at the age of 20. Varun also published a book, Pyjama Profit in 2018 and it is still on Bloomsbury’s top-selling charts.

Shashank Udupa

Shashank Udupa comes from a family of entrepreneurs so the apple clearly didn’t fall too far from the tree! The 28-year-old began his journey as an investment banker after completing his masters from Strathclyde University. He started his journey as an entrepreneur after an encounter with Varun and Abhinav. Shashank has a great passion for and knowledge of finance, making him the perfect man to head the finances as the company’s CFO and also has over 100k followers on Instagram. He uses his platform to educate and spread awareness about the significance of saving money and the basic functions of finance.

Abhinav Arora

In his career so far, 25-year-old Abhinav Arora has managed millions of dollars in advertising spends across clientele. He too graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology, where he began Soul Slam, his very own mental health startup. Abhinav understood the power of digital early on in his career and this has been a great asset to him professionally. His work thrives on its digital aspect as that is what gives it the edge. The fact that it is digital, frees them from any boundaries or limits they may have faced early on.

The three of them have built a strong foundation and their mutual vision for a revolutionized education system drives the company. This Teachers’ Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate those who stand to make a difference for learners everywhere. We are in awe of their work and content, are you?

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