11 Tech Influencers Who Are Helping Us Keep Up With The Digital World

Kavisha Mody , 07 Sep 2020
Tech Burner, Technical Guruji, Manoj Saru(Source: Instagram | @techburner @technicalguruji @technologygyaan)
Tech Burner, Technical Guruji, Manoj Saru(Source: Instagram | @techburner @technicalguruji @technologygyaan)

Content creation today is a thriving field and there are various creators who only choose to cater to a particular niche. Don’t know which phone to buy? Confused if a gadget is worth your money? That’s what tech influencers are for! These talented bloggers don’t just review new products and gadgets but also tell you whether a certain product is worth it or not. Moreover, they will break down the features for you so you can easily understand what are you spending your money on. If you need help keeping up with the digital world,  you have to follow these talented tech influencers right now!

Here they are:

1. Gaurav Chaudhary a.k.a Technical Guruji

Gaurav is one of the most popular tech influencers in the country today. He is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by profession! His YouTube channel is full of insightful product reviews, technological insights and much more. Moreover, he is amazing at making a layman understand all the technical terms.

2. Techno Ruhez 

Techno Ruhez is one of the top 10 tech YouTubers in India and rightly so! He has more than 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and he is always updated with the latest technological advances happening around the world. Apart from unboxing and product reviews, you will also find the latest tech news on his page. It’s truly a one-stop-destination for all tech lovers.

3. Manoj Saru a.k.a Technology Gyaan

Manoj is one of the most viewed tech bloggers in India and has a YouTube channel with more than 7 million subscribers. He keeps in audience updated on all technical news, product releases, reviews and more. Moreover, his videos are extremely easy to follow. Apart from explaining technology, he will give you some awesome tips and tricks as well. Moreover, he also shoots tutorial videos for his fans.

4. Shlok Srivastava a.k.a Tech Burner 

The Tech Burner is a popular name among a lot of people not only because he gives insightful product reviews, but also because he has the ability to make his videos hilarious.  He is that one YouTuber who can keep your glued to your screens.

5. Geeky Ranjit 

One of the most interesting parts about his blog is that he doesn’t just unbox new products but also uses them so that he can give his audience a holistic review. He also frequently provides useful tips on phone cameras, data transfer, processor etc. Moreover, he will also suggest some great options when you are looking to buy a new device.

6. iGyaan Network 

iGyaan is more than just a tech blog—it covers technology, science, exotic cars and much more. What we absolutely love are their IGTV unboxing videos, they are extremely interesting, real and gives you a lot of insight about the product.

7. Rohit Khurana a.k.a Intellect Digest 

Intellect Digest (Source: Facebook | @intellectdigest)
Intellect Digest (Source: Facebook | @intellectdigest)

Intellect Digest is the brain baby of Rohit Khurana. It is a highly informative tech blog that is on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It is currently one of the leading technology review channels in India and you will see them doing a lot of unboxing, reviews and product comparison videos. However, what we love is that they also have a Hindi channel, which caters to a larger audience.

8. Abhishek Sagar a.k.a Technical Sagar 

Abhishek Sagar is an ethical hacker and an avid tech blogger. His YouTube channel has more than 2.4 million subscribers and he is extremely active on his Instagram as well. It is also amazing that apart from being a tech blogger, he is also an actor, mimicry artist and a singer. Multitasker much?

9. Technical Yogi 

Yogi Yogendra a.k.a Technical Yogi is an avid tech blogger with a YouTube family of more than 950k subscribers. Apart from doing regular unboxing and review videos, he has also taught people digital marketing through his IGTV videos.

10. Hitesh Kumar a.ka Technical Dost

On this blog, you will find a plethora of information about new gadgets, games, technical devices and more. Moreover, all his videos usually have funny tonality, so his audience doesn’t get bored. He does a lot of videos in Hindi and that helps his cater to a larger segment of his fanbase.

11. Akash Paul a.k.a Technical Sky

Akash is one of the most interesting tech bloggers we know of! He has more than 850k subscribers on YouTube and his speciality lies in sharing tips and tricks for your Android phone. You will find some amazing videos about top applications, alternatives and hacks on his channel.

These techno-savvy bloggers are really helping the people stay updated with cool new technological advances with their creative videos. What we absolutely love about all these bloggers is that they all have their own unique style and they are really consistent with their videos. Which bloggers do you follow for your daily dose of tech? Tell us in comments below!

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