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When you think of crochet, you might imagine a grandmom knitting away on her little rocking chair. While this may be the common notion of knit-wear, these textiles have evolved in the fashion world to be more than just your average sweater or homeware. The creativity of the needle and thread has led to some super fashionable pieces ranging from crop-tops, skirts, earrings and even shoes! Even though they are delicate, the style is great if you are going for a hippie, festival or laid-back vibe.

Similar to knitting, the process usually involves a single hook and some yarn and thread to make lace, fabrics etc. The origin is still questionable as its development was organic. However, mainstream fashion saw the emergence of crochet in the ’60s and ’70s. And currently, designers such as Kate Spade, Fendi, Jil Sander and more have restored the trend of crochet clothing on their 2020 runway. Following their steps, high-street fashion brands are stocking this crafty style in various options as well.

What makes crochet fabulous is that it is not limited to the cold season. The see-through nature and delicacy mean that you can wear certain styles during transitional weather, which is exactly what your wardrobe needs right now. It’s soft, comfortable and surprisingly versatile!

If you are cray for crochet, check out some of my must-have items:

1) Mini Skirt

Are you constantly fluctuating between feeling too warm or too cold? A crochet-knit mini skirt might be an answer to your dilemma. A stylish mini in a neutral colour can be just the right pick. Moreover, it is easy to pair with a basic t-shirt or even a cool crop-top to look more on-trend. The style is comfortable enough for you to lounge in at home as well. Put on those kicks or ankle-boots and you are all set for Fall 2020!

2) Dress

There is something about the crochet texture that stands out. Check out this colourful dress pictured below. It is exactly what you need to brighten up your day! This handcrafted dress is ideal for a weekend day out, and for that one-step dressing mood. Moreover, inspired by the style below, matching a pair of Converse with a dress hasn’t looked cooler!

3) Cover-up

Trade-in your sarong or standard beach cover-up for a colourful crochet style. It allows you to show off your sexy swimsuit, keeps you breezy and of course, looking glam! Moreover, you can pull this off as a dress as well by wearing a one-piece swimsuit or fitted slip dress below. This would look super cute for a lunch date. Slide on your favourite sliders or even some tie-up sandals for a more elevated look.

4) Swimsuit

If you are thinking of hitting the beach or relaxing by a pool in the upcoming months, you might be want to consider your choice of material. A bikini or one-piece in a lighter fabric might result in catching the chills. Alternatively, consider a crochet swimsuit. Even though it might seem unusual, the funky patterns are a fashionable choice for when you are sunbathing. Moreover, ensure you don’t get into the water unless your crochet is a composition of acrylic yarn or a special synthetic. Double it up as a bodysuit and wear it with denim or shorts with a light layer jacket for the season.

5) Co-ord Set

Go for a modern silhouette in a minimalist crochet-knit tank and mini skirt co-ord set. This casual style is perfect for those days where you don’t know what to wear. A cute and simple look—it is pairable with almost any accessory and footwear. As a result, you can dress down for lunch out or dress up for a party. Also, you won’t have to worry about feeling too hot with the strappy top and short bottom.

6) Earrings

Earrings crafted from crochet look beyond adorable. These earpieces are a style statement which will make you stand out. Even though store-bought earrings are pretty, it is nice to go for something different once in a while. A colourful style likes the one below would look great with a neutral or all-white ensemble. Moreover, they are easy to DIY, you can design any shape that you like! By the end of it, you will surely have a lot of people asking you about these cute dangles.

7) Top

The most versatile piece out of all crochet items is a top. You will be spoiled for choice in the colours and patterns available, all you got to do is pick your favourite. When it comes to crochet tops, the best approach is to go for a more neutral colour, this allows you to optimize its use and match it with several bottoms. Stylish skirts, high-waist denim or even shorts would be great to upgrade your crochet top look. Don’t forget to select the right shoes and accessories that won’t overwhelm your entire ensemble.

What is your favourite crochet item? Let us know in the comments below.

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