Influencers and content creators are gaining immense popularity for putting out their talent and personality up on the internet. They are the ones that are successfully able to capture the attention and engage with their audience that make it big. Often, however, these influencers have more to them than what they put on camera. Team 07 is a group of 5 boys who share an amazing friendship and create exciting content. They all have a massive fan following and people love to know everything they can about the 5 of them. Hence, we have got for you, the talents of these men that you probably didn’t know about!

Here are their hidden talents

1. Hasnain Khan

Hasnain Khan has a talent that super unique. It is no secret that he is a great content creator, given that he has over 7.7 million followers on Instagram who swear by his talent and content. But a talent that nobody knew about before that he is a very peaceful sleeper. According to his friend and fellow member of Team 07, Mr. Faisu, anyone who sees Hasnain while he is taking a nap, they are likely to fall asleep themselves! Faisu told us that he looks so adorable and peaceful while he’s asleep, that it makes everyone around sleepy. Isn’t this absolutely hilarious?

2. Mr. Faisu

Faisal Shaikh, best known as Mr. Faisu, is one of the most loved influencers in India today. With over 13.7 million followers on Instagram and countless fan pages, Faisu has won over so many people with his charm and talent. When asked about his hidden talents, he admitted that as an influencer and public figure, his life and personality are entirely public knowledge. Whether it is his dance moves, modeling, or his amazing content on social media, it is his ability to engage with his audience really stands out. He is also soon venturing into acting in an upcoming series and we just can’t wait! He is bursting with talent and is kind enough to let all his fans know everything there is to know about him.

3. Adnaan Shaikh

Adnaan Shaikh has some extremely interesting hidden talents. Adnaan has a keen interest and talent when it comes to biking stunts and adventures. Ever since he was young, he has always loved bike stunts. What is even more interesting is the fact that he cooks! His fellow members of Team 07  love the food that he makes and they vouch for his talent. Honestly, we’d love some interesting recipes to try from this talented creator someday!

4. Faiz Baloch

Dance trends and sketches for TikTok are what gave rise to the influencer era. Faiz Baloch is a superb dancer, especially when it comes to the Shuffle Dance that is widely popular. Faiz is light on his feet and has an amazing rhythm, making it an absolute joy to watch him dance. This form of dancing is not easy but he makes it look so effortless!

5. Shadan Farooqui

Shadan Farooqui a.k.a Saddu prides himself on riding cars and bikes like a pro. Not only does he enjoy it, but he is also really good at it. It would be so cool to watch him start motovlogging, don’t you think? His content is super engaging and fun, and this hidden talent just makes him even more interesting!

Each member of Team 07  has so much to offer to their fans, no wonder they are currently one of the most popular creator groups in the country! All 5 members have extremely engaging content and their open personalities make them amazing public figures. Now that their hidden talents are out, we’d love to see more of them embracing these talents!

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