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Suruchi Patwary , 09 Sep 2020
Sahil Salathia & A Still From 'You' (Source: Instagram | @sahilgsalathia, @younetflix)
Sahil Salathia & A Still From ‘You’ (Source: Instagram | @sahilgsalathia, @younetflix)

In this series, we bring to you your favourite celebrities’ current binge-watch list! So, if you’re looking for recommendations on what to watch next or want to know what genre your favourite celebrities are into and why they recommend it, these blogs will tell you just that.

Sahil Salathia (Source: Instagram | @sahilgsalathia)
Sahil Salathia (Source: Instagram | @sahilgsalathia)

This week we’re taking binge-watch recommendations from the very handsome Sahil Salathia! Sahil is an model-turned-actorwho debuted in Ashutosh Gowariker‘s Everest as the lead. He is quite the heart-throb on Instagram and is also known to support social causes! And so, we asked him what his Netflix watchlist looks like right now and if there are any shows that really stood out for him. He picked 5 of his favourite ones and recommends y’all to watch them too! Scroll down to check out his list.

1. Schitt’s Creek

Where: Netflix

I am obsessed with Schitt’s Creek. It’s easy, breezy, and hilarious—a must-watch in 2020. It will make you laugh your heart out!

2. Hasmukh

Where: Netflix

The other recommendation would be Hasmukh on Netflix. It’s a kickass dark comedy. Put it in your must-watch list.

3. Fauda

Where: Netflix

The third one on my list would definitely be Fauda! It’s an Israeli series with three seasons, so there’ts lots of footage but a must-watch for sure.

4. Hollywood

Where: Netflix

You’ve got to watch Hollywood on Netflix. It showcases post World War 2 Hollywood. All the actors are exceptionally talented and gorgeous at the same time! You have been warned.

5. You

Where: Netflix

Watch You on Netflix. It’s creepy as hell but I am assuming that there are such stalkers in the real world. So, face the truth. Haha!

I think we all can find something that we’ll like from this list. What are you binge-watching these days like Sahil Salathia? Let us know in the comments below!

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