It is always so inspiring to see creators pave their way and carve their own journey in the field of content creation. Moreover, that is exactly what we talk about on our series ‘Show & Tell‘! We kicked off the series with the gorgeous Ananya Birla and have had popular faces like Sejal Kumar on the show as well. The aim of this series is to deep-dive into the creator’s journey and candidly speak about their experiences. In the third episode, we spoke to the talented Anmol Sachar and the conversation was no less than a roller-coaster ride. Check out everything that went down right here!

What is Show & Tell all about

Show & Tell is an IGTV series solely dedicated to knowing our favourite creators in a better manner and diving into their journey. It is more than just a simple question and answer show, the aim is to get the artists to open up about their life and experiences. As you all are aware, the show starts with Karishma Govil holding an item that is of utmost importance to Anmol Sachar, which in this case was a laptop. The item kicked off an interesting conversation and he spoke not only about his work but also about how his life transformed once he took up content creation.

What Anmol had to say

We absolutely loved how candid Anmol was about his life! From being a topper in school to taking up an unconventional career, he spoke about it all. A laptop is extremely important for him because he uses that one device as his workspace, his chill zone, his learning hub and much more. He also spoke to us about how working with his favourite creator Ashish Chanchlani was no less than a dream come true. Moreover, Anmol has also shared screens with multiple A-list celebrities in the past and we couldn’t have been happier for him!

All about his content

Anmol holds a strong academic background so his unconventional career route did take everyone by surprise. However, according to him, his family has been extremely supportive of his craft and he considers that to be a big blessing. For him, his internship at The Viral Fever has been a turning point in his life! He shared these real experiences with us and spoke about how he played multiple roles there as an intern and learnt a lot. It was interesting to see him open up about his series ‘Anmol Talks’ and his weight loss journey as well. Anmol strongly believes that you need sheer dedication, persistence and consistency in order to see a change in yourself.

Pro-Tip for budding creators

Here’s what Anmol had to say to all the upcoming content creators out there,

Don’t overthink and don’t wait for the right equipment, right time or the right team, just put out content and learn on the go! Never say no to learning new things, you need to have a lot of patience and persistence because this is a very competitive market. Believe me, it will only take that one video to change everything for you, even if right now things seem bleak. Keep giving your best in every single piece of content that you put out!

That’s some really good advice right there! It was so heart-warming to have this chat with Anmol Sachar and we are absolutely certain that you’ll love the episode too. Check it out right here!

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